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Digital Marketing for Events & Conferences

Most organizations expend a lot of their resources—time, money, and energy—on events and conferences. It’s when you really engage with your stakeholders and audience, both in real life and, if you’re savvy, online. Marketing is integral to the event itself; it’s what gets people there. This workshop will show you how to bring your online community together via social media and email to make your event or conference a success.  


  • How to create a user journey for an event that includes initial contact, building interest, converting, and sharing
  • How to use social media and email effectively to market an event
  • How to galvanize an online community of your own constituents
  • How to get people in your (dare I say offline?) network to promote your event digitally
  • What to do before, during, and after an event to maintain old relationships and leverage new ones
  • Explore and critique examples of online marketing for events and conferences


Our workshops are specifically designed for digital marketing and communication professionals working for a nonprofit, association, or membership-driven organization. However, executive management, development professionals, and consultants will gain important skills to enhance their knowledge base.


Membership is only $195 per month for an organization to attend up to 24 workshops per year – plus additional perks! Up to two staff members from an organization may attend each workshop.


Our workshops are available in-person. To attend in person, the location is 1200 18th St NW #700 in Washington, DC, just two blocks from the DuPont Circle metro stop on the red line.


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Ignite Academy (IA) is the premier education and training center for digital marketing specifically designed for nonprofits, associations, and purpose-driven organizations. We are dedicated to raising the bar and building a community of skilled digital marketing professionals dedicated to making the world a better place – one cause at a time.

For organizations, IA uses an annual membership model to provide their marketing professionals with affordable and meaningful ongoing professional development so they can enhance their skills and ultimately provide greater value to the organization.

For the marketing professionals, IA serves as an opportunity to hone their skills, learn new tools and techniques, and share ideas with other marketing professionals working in a similar space.

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