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Creating a Digital Journey Map

Did you know that nearly 50% of online donors give up before they have made a donation because their “online journey” is not intuitive and engaging?

Nonprofits, associations, and member-driven organizations have a tremendous opportunity to become more “customer-centric” especially in the digital space. Understanding your audience’s digital journey is paramount to creating a more engaging online experience.

In this workshop we’ll review the fundamentals of creating a digital journey map for your members and/or donors, learn best practices, and view real-world examples from organizations that are doing it right. You will have an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and produce a journey map to take back to your office and immediately enhance your organization’s online experience.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to create an effective digital journey map for your organization
  • How to create a narrative for your user journey
  • How to layer data to tell an engaging story about your users’ journeys
  • How to use a journey map to enhance your digital marketing efforts

Who Should Attend?  

Our workshops are specifically designed for digital marketing and communication professionals working for a nonprofit, association, or membership-driven organization. However, executive management, development professionals, and consultants will gain important skills to enhance their knowledge base.

How Do I Register?

All workshops are part of Ignite Academy Membership designed for marketing/digital professionals and executives at nonprofits, associations, and purpose-driven organizations.

Membership is only $195 per month for an organization to attend up to 24 workshops per year -- plus additional perks! Up to two staff members from an organization may attend a workshop.

Workshop Location

Our workshops are available in-person or online. To attend in person, the location is 1200 18th St NW #700 in Washington, DC, just two blocks from the DuPont Circle metro stop on the red line.

If you cannot make it in person, all workshops are recorded and available to watch 24/7 in a members-only area on our website including all related materials.

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About the Instructor

Jeff Rum, founder and CEO of Ignite is passionate about digital marketing and organizations that have a greater purpose. An award-winning digital strategist, educator and public speaker, Jeff has nearly 15 years experience in digital strategy, branding, and marketing.

Prior to founding Ignite, Jeff served as President and Chief Marketing Officer at SPARK Experience, a user experience (UX) design agency in Bethesda, MD where he continues to serve as a principal member of the company.

Jeff served as a digital consultant and strategist with The White House, United Nations Foundation, Human Rights Campaign and The Jewish Agency for Israel. During his tenure at SPARK, Jeff also led digital campaigns and special projects with Pepsi, AAA, and National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Jeff received his BA from American University in Communication: Visual Media and Jewish Studies. He received his MA from Georgetown University in International Affairs. He lectures worldwide on a variety of topics including digital strategy, branding, and social media.

About Ignite Academy  

Ignite Academy (IA) is the premier education and training center for digital marketing specifically designed for nonprofits, associations, and purpose-driven organizations. We are dedicated to raising the bar and building a community of skilled digital marketing professionals working to making the world a better place – one cause at a time.

For organizations, IA uses an annual membership model to provide their marketing professionals with affordable and meaningful ongoing professional development so they can enhance their skills and ultimately provide greater value to the organization.  

For the marketing professionals, IA serves as an opportunity to hone their skills, learn new tools and techniques, and share ideas with other marketing professionals working in a similar space.