3 Best Selling Charging Devices of 2021 that are Absolutely Worth the Hype 

Charging mobile devices can be a big nuisance at times. Other than the fact that conventional charging cables can take an entire night for the phone to get charged, it’s also frustrating when the cord gets broken again and again. On top of that, conventional chargers do not have any arrangement like an auto-disengage feature or a better charging angle to protect the battery and the port of the phones. 

Since modern requirements change rapidly, techno gurus came up with the idea of designing lightning charging cables that could provide quick charging and much much more. In this guide, we have compiled 3 such options that you can try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Dive in! 

  1. EVVO™ Apple-Certified Lightning Cable

This is a 6 feet long charging cable. Another variation of this same cable is 10 feet long. The most stellar features of this charging cable are as follows. 

  • It offers you the option to optimize the charging speed, a feature that 90% of charging cables in the market do not offer. 
  • The cords are fish-net braided to make the charging cable resist wear and tear in a much-advanced manner. 
  • It offers full compatibility with all Apple devices. 
  • It is a lightning-fast charging cable that won’t take more than 30-45 minutes for your phone to get charged. 
  1. McDodo QI Magnetic Wireless Charger 

This unique-concept charger is specifically made for iPhone 12. The inbuilt magnet in this wireless charger is customized to align with the iPhone 12 series. The features that make it better than most other magnetic chargers in the market are as follows. 

  • The magnet that attaches itself to the backside of the iPhone 12 is very strong. It doesn’t fall off. 
  • The cord is very slim. Hence, it doesn’t interrupt your way and you can easily use the phone while it’s getting charged. 
  1. Mcdodo Auto-Disconnect Lightning Charger with Breathing LED

This charger is one of the better inventions by technology since the many unique features that it possesses make charging a device very easy. The kinds of features that we are talking about are as follows. 

  • As the name suggests, this charger automatically disengages the charging as soon as the device is fully charged. Hence, the life of the battery is substantially increased. 
  • It has an LED indicator using which you can check the battery status of the phone. 
  • The cords in the cable are made of zinc and nylon and they are properly braided so that the wire doesn’t tangle much. As a result, the cable won’t break so easily. 

The above-mentioned 3 products are the best in the league in the year 2021. You can, although, look at the Mcdodo website where you can explore tens and hundreds of other charging devices available at the best rates possible.