3 Situations Where Your Online Reputation is at Risk

Let’s admit it. The internet is wilder than the Wild West. The virtual space is a place where boundaries can be pushed to the limits. As such, ORM or online reputation management has become such a buzz phrase for businesses these days because your reputation online has become synonymous to your reputation in the physical world. 

However, as the world transitions to a more digital driven economy, companies are investing their marketing and PR efforts on social media and video platforms like YouTube. Some internet sources already predicted an increase in digital ad spending of up to 6 percent by end of 2020. This is proof of how important a brand or company’s digital presence is.

But, there are also threats to your online reputation as the internet can still be a tricky place. It can amplify both good and bad things. Here are some situations where you need to be cautious of, and once this happens to you or your company, better call some reinforcements.

Fake news and propaganda

Especially with this COVID-19 pandemic, the online world has churned out countless of memes, TikTok videos, and yes, even fake news. This is a major problem today as a lot of content being published online aren’t verified or reliable. While social media companies try to review posted content in order to meet community guidelines that does not guarantee the absence of fake news. When your brand or company gets entangled in fake news, it would be best to consult with an online reputation management firm to help you sort things out.

Legal battles and complaints

Your online reputation can be boosted or diminished depending on the feedback people are posting about you or your business. Reviews for example, are quite powerful tools to determine one’s online reputation. If you are an online seller for example, 5-star reviews from customers matter a lot. But if you’re getting a lot of negative reviews, then it’s the end for your business. The stickier situation is to get your company involved in a legal case or battle. Legal battles tend to draw a lot of negative flak and bad press. In extreme cases like these, it would be good to consult with an online reputation management group as well.

PR mishandling

Lastly, online reputation is built by the way we interact with customers or clients online, the kind of content we release, and the reactions we get from doing so. In social media, this is called engagement. The more engaged a person is in consuming your content, the better your reputation. But it also happens the other way around. A rude customer service person for example will surely get your company in trouble. Remember, the internet has the power to amplify. So in instances like these, you just got to leave it to an Australian digital marketing agency to handle it. 

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