AMD Online Stock News – Recent, Upcoming Creations

AMD stock news can be your best friend when it comes to trading the stock market. If you have been looking for an excellent stock pick to make money with, then you should definitely keep an eye out for AMD stock news. AMD, an innovative manufacturing company is a direct competitor of Intel. As a result of this rivalry, AMD stock has been affected by numerous negative factors.

On Monday, October 4th, Goldman Sachs downgraded AMD, a large competitor to Intel. In a research note, Goldman Sachs cited the fact that AMD had emphasized its growth in the Professional Materials sector recently and said that AMD stock was “on the downside of expectations.” The downgrade for AMD has also affected the overall AMD stock price, as well as other major stock indexes.

A few days later, on Tuesday, October 5th, AMD stock prices rocketed on the Stock Market. On that same day, Microsoft announced that it would be buying out its largest software provider, NetSuite, to help boost its own software licensing business. On October 6th, IBM announced that it was planning to acquire a majority stake in the chip designer, Advanced Micro Devices. On October 7th, Advanced Micro Devices posted its Q3 earnings, saying that the third quarter would be flat versus last year. However, on October 8th, Citi analysts issued a research note saying that Advanced Micro Devices could “fall short” of its growth guidance, and the company might release a lower-than-consensus guidance for the full year. On October 9th, AMD issued a securities fraud statement to cover up financial fraud related to the financial year end earlier in the year.

Now, on a brighter note, on Thursday, October 19th, AMD reported fourth-quarter and full-year earnings. The stock dipped sharply in after-market hours, however, it recovered somewhat over the weekend. On October 24th, AMD said that it will acquire another small company called Peridian Micro, in what is being described as a very complicated transaction. CFO Richard Parsons stated that AMD’s net cash flow in the second half of fiscal year 2021 will be around $2 billion. He emphasized that this acquisition is not expected to have a material effect on AMD’s balance sheet, and the purchase is expected to close by the end of the first week of November.

AMD stock prices began to climb again, but on Friday, November 3rd, the stock was down about twenty-three percent. By the end of the day, AMD released earnings that were better than analysts’ expectations, and the stock prices were up about ten percent. On December 13th, AMD announced that it is “closing its acquisition of Peridian.” In a release, AMD stated that the acquisition is part of an overall restructuring of its business to focus more on its core computer technology. AMD will now concentrate on its three fastest growing segments, namely the Personal Computing segment, the Server Group, and the Consumer Electronics segment.

At the end of August, AMD reported third-quarter and full-year earnings. Its revenues rose eleven percent to record revenues of $4.6 billion. The quarter’s profits were also up four percent year over year. AMD is expected to release its Q3 financial results on March 8th, which means investors may now start looking forward to the expected results of AMD’s endeavors in the Consumer Electronics sector during the third quarter of 2021. You can get more AMD stock news at