Complete Beginners Guide Of How To Advertise On YouTube

With the immense growth on the YouTube platform, it has proven that it is much more than a video sharing platform. And your business can grow through advertising on such a massive audience through online advertisement. 

Many of the youth talents and influencers that today are strong personalities have made their first appearance through YouTube. Reaching millions or billions of people has become simple with YouTube ads (รับทำโฆษณา youtube, which is the term in Thai) and building a strong customer base. So how can you easily advertise on YouTube? Let us discuss some of the tips that you can do the same.

  • Format The Youtube Ad Wisely: 

There are plenty of formats available in which you can post your ads. Like the TrueView, Non-skippable in stream, Bumper in stream, sponsored card. And if you’ve already a beginner experience, then you have already known these formats. But in small briefs, the TrueView is the conventional ad type that allows the viewers to interact or watch. And the TrueView ads can get paid after the viewer watch them for 30 seconds. Non-skippable are the ones that cannot get skipped by the viewer. The bumper in stream can be only for 6 seconds duration and is a non-skippable advertisement. 

  • Advertising Procedure On YouTube: 

Before doing anything, you have to create your digital video content that can get uploaded. So you can start by creating videos and uploading them on YouTube. 

After you get finished uploading the video on YouTube, you can start creating the campaign based on the business marketing that you want to create and for your target audience you want to influence. You can configure the operations specifically for the target audience as this increases the chance for marketing to generate customers. 

  • YouTube Ads Specifications 

The length of the video ads can vary depending on the type of ads you’re publishing. Many tools can optimize your video ad, but in the end, it is all about the content that you create and how well the audience can connect with your brand, and what you have to offer them. The more people you have in your creative team with the skillful experience, the better the video YouTube ads you can get with them. Catch the audience’s attention from the first instance and create a story content with the emotion that is relatable to your audience.