Digital Event Platform Features Important For Exhibitors 

If you’re an exhibitor at a trade show, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which exhibitions management platform to use. With so many options available, at first it is difficult to know what features are essential for your event and which ones you can without. This blog post will introduce some key features that any good digital event platform should offer. 

1. Schedule For Effective Work At The Event

If you’ve used any event management software, you know that the schedule is your first priority. Attendee list, product catalogs, floor plans—all of these are useful features for exhibition management, but only if you have a way to access them efficiently. You need a platform that offers an intuitive schedule feature so you can open it up on your phone or tablet and quickly find what booth number your next meeting is at.

2. Attract Visitors

Your exhibitions management platform should also offer the tools you’ll need to market and promote your business at the event. Send out postcard invitations, create email marketing campaigns, use social media to boost interest in your exhibitions. Event management platforms usually include everything you need for effective digital marketing at trade shows: landing pages to collect leads, opt-in forms and autoresponders to turn those leads into conversions, analytics to monitor success over time.

3. Use Company QR Code to Develop Lead

Encourage visitors to take action with your exhibition management platform’s QR code generator. This will allow you to track conversions by giving you valuable insight into the way your exhibitions are performing. You can also use QR codes to provide social media links, map directions, or telephone numbers for your staff. 

4. Stream Online

There’s no point in using a digital event platform if your attendees can’t access the exhibition content. Your exhibitions management software should offer live streaming for any presentations or demonstrations that take place at the events. It should also have all of its resources available online so attendees can review them as needed.

5. Statistics 

Activity statistics of the event are a must for any exhibitions management software. You should have a way to see your visitor’s demographics, the number of leads you collected through direct interaction, and the conversion rates of your printed collateral. This will give you vital insight into what worked and what didn’t at the event.

6. Customize and Enable

If you have an exhibitions management platform that automatically generates your floor plan for you, it shouldn’t just dump all of the information into a generic layout. It should allow you to customize the appearance and placement of booths so it reflects how you’ve divided up your space. The same goes for exhibitor listings, attendee list, or any other section in which you decide to display information. Efficient exhibitions management software should also make it easy for users to add additional data if they need to update something between events—no coding required!