Handle with care – use the right material for shipping fragile products

Shipping fragile products such as glass, bone China cutlery, frames or plastic are extremely stressful. It is vital to have the right materials used to pack fragile items. Various products are used for shipping such items that need extra care. These packing products should provide shock protection and keep the items from moving inside the box it is packed.

Affixing Fragile Stickers

Stick fragile stickers to indicate that the packing has fragile products inside that need extra care. The fragile package stickers indicate that the person handling the box needs to handle it with care and gives the guarantee that the products are safe inside the box. Fragile sticker is used to warn that the products should be delivered to the destination safely and hence should be handled gently.

Use bright coloured fragile stickers that have strong glue to stick on the dry surface of the boxes to warn the movers doing material handling dallas tx to handle the packages with care. It helps in attracting attention and prepares the product to be shipped securely to the destination without shaking or dropping it down.

Let us check the various shipping products used to pack the fragile items

Outer Packaging

When choosing the container such as corrugated cardboard boxes to pack the fragile items ensure to use the right size. These cardboard boxes ensure the best protection of the products inside. A small box would cause the tearing of the cardboard while the larger one gets dented during the transport.

The right side of the box should be the one that ensures the fragile product fits neatly inside the box and have just enough space to add the fillers.

Filler Material

Filler materials ensure that the products inside the box does not collide with each other and break. It avoids the movement of the products inside the box. It also absorbs the shock when the product is accidentally drooped, or thrown by the carrier service person.

Filler materials are of different types.

Bubble wrap roll – It is used to wrap each product to safeguard it from damage.

Packing peanuts and air pillows – It is used to surround each of the wrapped items inside the box. Air pillows are environmentally friendly products and require less storage space in the warehouse. Hence it is widely used by the business owners.

Crumpled paper – Crumpled papers are also used to fill the box and avoid the products from colliding with each other. When packing the products at home, you may use the newspaper and add crumbled newspapers to fill the voids.

Shredded printing paper, crumpled magazine pages and any other recycled paper can be used to the pack the fragile objects.

Use the filler material above, below and on the sides of the objects just enough to ensure that the items inside the packaging box do not move around while on transit. Care should be taken that the fragile items should not come into contact with each other or sides of the box.

Use the dividers to separate the products when packing several fragile products in the one box. For extra protection use the additional boxes inside the outer one. If the products are sharp or have protruding, add additional layers at the extended parts to ensure the safety of the product and not getting broken or bend.

Packing tape

Secure the boxes with the good adhesive packing tapes to ensure that the boxes do not open while on the move.  Make sure to use the good quality, solvent resistant tapes for the safety of the product.