How to Identify Genuine HP Ink Cartridges – Tips to Spot Counterfeit Cartridges


The printer market is flooded with counterfeit cartridges, which are often sold cheaply on auction websites or in small shops. These fake cartridges are sold with the intention of fooling customers into thinking that they are buying a genuine HP or any other printer cartridge.

The cartridge may appear to be new, but it can be empty. When consumers put the cartridge into the printer, it won’t work, and at that point in time, they will have no recourse.

Therefore, it is essential for consumers to be able to identify genuine printer cartridges.

  • Inspect security marker

Examine the holographic aspects of the label:

Rotate the box back and forth to observe the HP logo or “OK” and “√” rotates in the OPPOSITE positions. Rotate the box sequentially to watch the HP logo or “OK” and “√” keep moving in the Very same orientation.

Pay attention to the following three indicators that your cartridge has been interfered with:

  • The pattern’s lines do not align 
  • The label is colored instead of colorless 
  • The label’s inscription changes to ‘seal is void’
  • Scan the code

Open your QR code scanner app and look for your HP security seal. If you don’t have a QR code reader you can use HP SureSupply app, which is freely available on Android and the App Store.

Chances are you might be trapped into buying cheap, counterfeit low-quality inks for your printer as well. Therefore, be wise to shop for original HP ink from genuine stores. Need More Ink is your one-stop shopping place for buying authentic inks as well as cartridges or any other stationery products. 

  • Report fake

Keep the invoice, receipt, and packaging safely to return the print cartridge. You can report the fake one online from where you bought it or HP official website. 

  • Examine online

You can enter the label’s authentication number on HP’s website to authenticate the product. 

  • Onsite check

Customers can seek a free on-site inspection for mid-to huge shipments of HP printing equipment.

HP print cartridges have also a lot of benefits which is why you should buy them. 

  • Great quality – Original HP cartridges provide a low overall cost. Fakes can sap efficiency and raise costs due to reprinting and poor grade outcomes.
  • Excellent HP customer service – All original HP cartridges come with great service, maintenance, and a guarantee. To reap the best benefits, use original HP cartridges.
  • Reliability – Original HP cartridges are certified by 20 years of exploration and advancement. While fakes may cause a leak and muddy prints.
  • Top-notch quality – Original HP cartridges allow quick, effective print with successful performance. Fake cartridges offer no guarantee of value.


Even if fake cartridges might save you money as compared to the original ones, but in the long run, they will cost you more because of ink and costs to fix it. They haven’t developed the way the originals are. So, if you are going to buy an HP ink cartridge, make sure it is a real and good one.