How Valuable Are Free AI Bots for Your Business?

Free AI Chabot. Yes, this is the new thing on the internet this year. People are looking for someone to talk to in these difficult covid-19 times. Isn’t it great that technology no matter how incomplete it is – finds a way to walk in hand-in-hand with someone who is experiencing loneliness? Can this technology in the near future be an answer to free suicide helplines everywhere for everyone? You may be skeptical of such a development. However, it is definitely on the horizon. 

In 2018, Sunder Pichai, the CEO of Google announced a Google AI (Google Duplex). The AI assistant spoke to a non-native speaker of English, and without a hitch made a dinner reservation. Furthermore, the AI has gotten so smart in 2020 that it disguised itself with a stutter to hide its true identity as a robot. Now, what do you say? Can this technology really change the we interact forever? It already is! Today, there are thousands of ServisBOT helping consumers to find the right product, compare prices, help them choose their fashion statement like a friend, and more. Below are 3 things before opting for a free chatbot AI for your business. 


Costs may be the prime need for your business to opt for a free chatbot. For example, you can hire a professionalchatbot for as low as $19 on a monthly subscription model. This chatbot will help you interact with your customers 24/7. Currentchatbots are also navigational guides to your website, or your Facebook page. This will work in your favor in several ways. For example, if you do not have the manpower to hire several employees for digital marketing, your navigational AI can guide your customers through your website. Furthermore, it will assist them if they are looking for a specific page, like ‘contact us’, without the need of your intervention. Hence, while costs may be a burden to your business immediately, these would likely pay themselves off in the long run. With smooth transition experience on the website, and a navigational guide, you can focus your energy your core business objectives. 


There are many conversational AIs available online for free. These mostly cater to entertainment industry online. For example, you can play games with these chatbots, and interact for fun. While these make for some serious fun games online, these chatbot often fail to meet the professional requirements of a business. This is mainly due to chatbots need to learn new skills every day just like their human counterparts to grow.  Hence, even if you buy a free chatbot, it will not help the company grow as your consumer base grows. You need a chatbot that scales, and learns new skils. For this, there are many platforms online, which provide free trial for a short period. Hence, as a business owner, these chatbots, and platforms are your best bet. 


Chatbots are often designed with compatibility in mind for a few platforms. In order to gain access to new platforms, these chatbots need to be made cross-compatible. Once, you have made them cross-platform compatible, you can use integrate them on various social media channels. These include WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Messenger, and many more. These channels have a mass following in the millions, and can deliver a robust ROI, if applied correctly. Furthermore, major platforms like Facebook provide ways for businesses to control spending. Hence, if your advertising budget is just a $100, you can assess ROI of your own campaign, within your budget. 

AI bots are becoming the need of the hour for businesses, as social media, and digital marketing spending gets out of control. AI chatbots are great ways to monitor the digital media, and get feedback from consumers through analytics. These insights will definitely help your business grow, or atleast understand your consumers better.