HTC Camera


It has been said that “You don’t need a time machine, if you have a camera”. This quote speaks volumes on the importance of photography. Photography is an art that allows us to relive bygone moments and memories that we cherish for a lifetime. Memories and people change, but photographs do not. Whenever we feel down or feeling some kind of a way, looking at a happy memory stored in a photo, will bring back all happy feelings back. 

It might seem nostalgic but is indeed one of the best feelings ever. Hence, the importance of a good camera is identified. With the development of technology, we no longer need to carry cameras everywhere we go. Our smartphones have become extremely intelligent and handy, that the camera it holds is of excellent quality. If you ever felt the need of a supreme camera app, HTC Camera is the best you could get! HTC corporation has introduced the all-new Android Camera app to satisfy all your photography needs. 

Features of HTC Camera App

The app not only captures moments and sceneries, but it also allows you to channel your inner creative self to make the best out of your clicks. The camera offers a range of features such as creative camera modes and rich manual controls that allows its users to experience its best features. 

You can also choose to switch between modes to pick what best suits your capture. It also comprises of a live makeup tool so you can finally say goodbye to all that makeup hassle and routines and experience a natural makeup look for all your captures. And that’s not it. It also has hyper lapse and slow-motion video tools that allows you to creative super fun and creative videos just by a simple click. All of these rich and creative tools are offered to all of you for just absolutely free!

Photography is not just a hobby or an art. But it is also often found therapeutic and with HTC Camera, users gain an opportunity to awaken their most creative self. These features and tools will guarantee to make you fall in love with the app and make the most of it.

You might need to show off some of your creative photography on social media, or just take a beautiful selfie of yourself, or even showcase your hobby and talents with everyone else, HTC Camera is the best choice you’d ever make. It not only gives you the chance and platform to be creative, but it also will give you the satisfaction of capturing beautiful and priceless moments in the best quality possible. So, go ahead and get your hands on HTC Camera, one of the most wanted and loved apps and keep clicking those mesmerising eye-candy captures!

Download Best Camera app for TV BOX

Android TV and Fire TV camera apps does not have fancy features like on Android phones. You won’t be able to find camera apps like HTC Camera on Play Store TV and Amazon App Store. However, you can install any of your favourite Android camera application on your TV box using FileSynced, AppLinked or UnLinked. 

Those app stores allow you to create your own store full of your own apps and games. Add your favourite Android camera apps to your own store and install on your TV easily.