Importance Of Mobile Application Over Having A Website

In the world of smartphone, the majority of the individual prefer to spend their time on smartphones. They entertain themselves, they use social media platforms, make the payment online, they shop, they play games, they talk over the text or images. It is easy to use the phone and easy to carry it anywhere with you. Unlike tab or laptop which you find difficult to hold with one hand and carry everywhere you want. That is why most of the brands prefer to Convert Website to App.

There are so many famous brands that initially created their website but now they have their apps. They created the app because they know that audience love apps over the website.

Some Stats Of App Over The Past Few Years

  • More than 38% of customers use a shopping app for shopping online, and many use the app for online payment.
  • It is expected that smartphones application will touch more than $15 billion in the next year.
  • More than 80% of marketers prefer a mobile app because the mobile app is the best for marketing.
  • More than 80% of mobile users enjoy spending time on the app while less than 15% prefer the website over the app.

How to convert website to the app?

It is easy to convert a website to an app by just following a few simple steps. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly and do not miss any of the steps.

The first step is to choose the name of your business and then write the name of your business. Also, make sure to choose the best color scheme.

Now, what you want to add is completely your choice and you can add whatever you feel good. Hereby using the Appy pie app builder, you can convert website to app without facing any technical issue.

Once you have successfully converted your website to an app, make sure to publish your application to app stores.

Benefits Of Mobile Applications

It is easy to use and handle, while the websites are slightly complex and have more pages as well. Smartphones app are essential from the business point of view as well, as it works amazingly well. The navigation in-app is much easier and it is also clickable and works fast as compared to a website. Another benefit is, the apps are safe to use and easy to download. That is why all the brands and companies are looking to convert websites to an app.