VoizWorks.com- Your ultimate destination for part-time jobs

If you are looking to grow professionally or looking to jumpstart your career,  VoizWorks.com is the place for you. VOIZ is a marketplace that acts as a bridge between job seekers and job providers. You could be a teaching professional, a homemaker, or a student, and still, be working part-time with VOIZ and earn as a customer service agent.

VOIZ is a customer experience marketplace wherein companies can post their CX requirements and onboard agents that are suitable for the job. The marketplace allows companies to outsource all of the CX processes — from support to telesales which is currently handled by an in-house or outsourced contact centre. This allows them the money and manpower to concentrate on other more important functions. VOIZ claims to have cut CX costs to 40% to some of the companies they engage with via this Opex model.

The projects on the platform are remote in nature and an agent can opt for both part-time ones and full-time gigs. This allows an individual the flexibility to work part-time as a CX executive with VOIZ and associate themselves with reputable companies. At the same time, agents can pursue their dreams. You can be from any profession, holding any qualification, and can still become an agent if you have free time to spare. A project requires an agent to work on a minimum of a 4-hour slot in a day.

Companies post their specific CX requirements ranging from functions like telesales-inbound and outbound, tech support, chat support, and customer service to name a few. They can list down their set of expectations from a CX agent. Organizations have the benefit to run assessment tests to screen agents and conduct interviews on the platform itself before hiring the right candidates. The internal communication system of VOIZ ensures that the whole process is conducted in a seamless manner. 

Agents can apply for projects that match their level of expertise, give interviews, and upon selection, undergo a training program before they begin working on the stint. The training program allows agents to grow professionally which proves to be beneficial for them in the long run too. The only prerequisites to keep in mind to apply for a CX job are a personal laptop, mobile phone, and an internet connection. 

VOIZ also offers various CX-based courses via the VOIZ Workshop — an upskilling facility in their platform. These courses can be taken by freshers as well as seasoned CX agents. These training programs allow an agent to upskill and be in a better position to bid for projects. All in all, by taking up these courses an agent can grow professionally and in turn financially.  

Organizations from different sectors have listed down their CX requirements on VOIZ. This allows CX agents the chance to work on varied projects and the company of their choice. All of this and that too from the comfort of their homes. The payment delivery of the marketplace is also very seamless and hassle-free. An agent does not have to go through the harassment of continuously asking for payment for their projects. When you work with VOIZ, the only way your career graph trends is upwards. Enrol as a part-time agent today and start earning!