3 Potential Mainstream Internet Marketing Tactics!

Digital marketing has numerous strategies available to bring targeted traffic to websites in the relevant niche. There are far more than we could possibly cover in this blog. What we aim to do in this article is give you a base to kickstart your internet marketing campaign. 

We will cover the Pinterest social media platform, which is a surprisingly great place for travel, electronic, and eComm niche markets, `while we will also look at how important content is and then move to organic search via proper on-page SEO and internal linking structures. 

Paid Pinterest Ads

Paid ads on Pinterest have become incredibly successful as the network pull out some of the most amazing stats out of all social media platforms. 

Using pictures and pins with infographics that describe the advantages of products or services, companies on Pinterest are able to engage with their target audience much faster than most other social media platforms. It is certainly an overlooked platform, but one that we recommend every company adopts or at least tests out.

Here are some amazing stats from the Pinterest platform:

  • 89% of Pinners use the platform for purchase inspirations 
  • 83% of Pinners have made purchases as a direct result of brand awareness of the platform

There is also the option to send you Pinterest ads in conjunction with FB Ads! The combination is usually the way most businesses go and is often much more effective than using other ad platforms alongside Facebook or Pinterest.  


Having a content writer that provides written copy that informs, and/or converts is now more important than ever. 

The reason content is nicknamed king is because it the words that your readers absorb will determine the next step they take with your brand. Of course, there are tons of different marketing techniques and not all industries of niche markets are the same. 

For example, if you are a news site looking to gain clicks through paid ads on your website, then you need news writers that can research/investigate the niche market your website covers. It is the quality of the news reports that will keep readers coming back for more. And those readers are also the ones that click on the paid ads. 

If you are operating an eCommerce store, then persuasive sales language, sales pages, and unique selling points, plus the wording used to get these points across needs to be perfect and instigate conversions. You can read more about content by learning how to eliminate content mistakes.

On-Page SEO Configurations

Although most SEOs use backlinking techniques, on-page SEO and having an internal linking strategy in place can bring ranking without any back links. 

Combined with Social Media and press release circulation even new website have been known to start ranking for high traffic keywords in highly competitive niches with almost no backlinks to the page that ranks on organic search. 

Internal linking from blogs is an excellent strategy to use. You can release industry news on your blog and build up the website’s keyword density, site relevancy so search engines know exactly what your site offers, and your website’s word count grows which helps to give readers relevant information about the niche your website operates in. 

When a relevant piece of content links to another news piece or relevant blog, search engines collect this string/web of content and use it as part of their algorithm to decide where your main web page will rank.