6 Best Mobile Games You Can Play Online

Almost everyone is glued to mobile phones nowadays. It is where we spend most of our time keeping our brains entertained. We chat with friends, scroll through social media, and play games. No wonder, there are 2.2 billion global mobile gamers today.

By the end of 2020, the revenue of mobile games is expected to hit $76.7 billion. Mobile games are interactive video games played on smart devices and phones. They can be downloaded via Android or iOS. They are different from dedicated handheld video games like PlayStation and Nintendo.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 best mobile games you can play online.

Draw Something. This is an online Pictionary game. You and another player will take turns drawing something on the screen using either a stylus or your finger. Your opponent will guess what you have drawn to earn coins.

Each answer has a corresponding coin value based on its level of difficulty. For example, a star may be easier to draw than a lion, so it’s valued with lower coins. The goal is to get the highest number of coins at the end of the game. Draw Something is designed for players aged 14 years old and up.

Hearthstone. This is a fast-paced card game from Blizzard Entertainment. Players collect cards while playing against other players. To win, a player must take his opponent’s health down to zero. You can do it by attacking your opponent directly using boards and spells. You can also attack the minions your opponent has on the board. The content of Hearthstone is suitable for players aged 7 years old and up.

Mario Kart Tour. This is a single-player kart racing mobile game. The goal is to get the highest points at the end of every tour instead of reaching the finish line first. Tours are named after popular cities in the world. Each tour begins every Wednesday at 6 a.m. UTC and lasted for two weeks.

For every tour, you’ll get to race with other Nintendo characters in around 12 to 18 cups, each consisting of three courses plus a bonus challenge. It’s where players can collect drivers, gliders, and karts with corresponding points. You should aim to be on the top 5 to level up. Mario Kart Tour is designed for players aged 6 years old and above.

Minecraft. This is one of the best and most popular multiplayer mobile games. It’s a survival adventure game where you’ll build battle mobs and shelter then explore the virtual landscapes. These include amusement parks, castles, mines, spaceships, and underground hideouts. Players can also craft items from diamond armours to simple shovels for their game avatars. The game is suited for those aged 7 and up.

PUBG. Short for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, PUBG, is a multiplayer battle royale. Each player will be dropped into a spawn point on the map. The goal is to be the last man standing. Part of the game allows you to gather everything you’ll need to survive – clothes, medical supplies, weapons, etc. Weapons can also be modified. You can play solo, duo, or a squad of 4. The game is designed for people under 18 years old.

Scrabble Go. Play the classic scrabble game on mobile via Scrabble Go. It’s an authentic crossword experience using official scrabble boards, dictionaries, and 100 lettered tiles. Two to four players can play the game to get the highest points to win. During the game, you need to carefully watch out for the timer to unlock a prize chest. It may be an arena ticket, gem, or tiled card. Scrabble Go is suitable for players aged 12 years old and above.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a casual gamer or an enthusiast, it’s important to have a fast internet plan. Do some research and compare the best internet deals and wifi plans in your area to get a faster and more reliable internet connection. Mobile gaming is for fun and you don’t want to be irritated with a lagging experience. You will need an internet speed of more than 20 Mbps to win all battles and enjoy your games.