Best Business Decisions Include Quality VoIP Service

More businesses are going to the cloud because of better productivity, ease of use and up to 70% cost savings over regular phone lines. If you want to make your company more productive and profitable, you’re wise to consider the best VOIP service. Check out some of the great benefits of adding VOIP to your company!

First, you do not need special hardware to install VOIP. Cloud based phone systems mean you do not need to have expensive techs come to your offices and install and maintain phone lines. Using a cloud-based VOIP system cuts the cord and saves you money and hassle.

Because you don’t need to buy hardware for VOIP, your entire business can be using VOIP services in just a day. When it’s up and running, your employees can use VOIP to make calls over cell phones, laptops, and tablets. If you can download the VOIP app to the device, you can use it to make and receive calls.

Second, VOIP is mobile and flexible. Regular phones put limits on workers. Because phone services usually have one phone number to one phone, employees who are traveling or working remotely cannot easily access their office number.

With a VOIP system, where you are in the world doesn’t matter. As long as they can connect to the Internet and a device or computer, they can use their business number and can text or call as they like. They only need to use the app on their device or PC and they can make and receive calls from anywhere.

Third, VOIP is affordable. As your company gets larger, you may need to make more calls because you have more workers. You also may need to make international and long distance calls. When you have regular phone lines, this can get very expensive. But with VOIP, it’s possible to expand the number of users exponentially at a very affordable price. Some say you can save nearly 70% with VOIP over regular phone services.

Also, your toll-free number will have a lower charge per minute with a cloud based system than a regular telephone service.

Many companies in recent years have made the switch from regular phone services to cloud-based VOIP services. They are able to save money and scale their businesses so much that they wonder why they ever used regular phone lines.

Give VOIP a try!