Top 8 best time tracking software with comparison

The time tracking is one of the most important requirements in the modern workspace as it helps both the employees and the employers. The tracking of time allows the employees to keep track of the time spent on the different projects and tasks thus allowing them to analyze their work. It also helps the employers by helping them keep a check on the activities of their employees and analyzing their productivity.

Some of the features that we get with the time tracking apps include analysis of employee productivity and controlling the apps and websites that the employees use or visit. Besides this some of the additional tasks or features that you get with this software are desktop screenshots, payroll management, third party integration, keystroke logging and cross-platform app among other features.

The best time tracking software worth using

Here we will have a look at some of the best and premium time tracking software available in the market right now.

Work Examiner: The Work Examiner is one of the most efficient, highly productive, feature loaded and amongst the best employee monitoring and time tracking software available in the market. With this app you get complete surveillance in stealth mode, control of web usage and tracking of working time amongst other features. You can go url for more information on the different aspects of the app.

Timecamp: The Timecamp comes with a wide array of features thus making it an ideal time management solution. It is ideal for mid and small-sized businesses but it especially useful for the freelancers with its single user plan which is free. This app is available for download on Windows, iOS, Android and macOS.

actiTime: The actiTime is a top quality time tracker which helps in creating an in-depth insight on the utilization of time and helps you make smarter decisions on management. With this application you can create projects plus allocate specific tasks to the team members. Besides this you can track the hours and gather data for analysis of team performance.

Orangescrum: The Orangescrum is a collaboration, project management and a task management platform that gives managers the complete control over the projects with a single application. It comes equipped with advanced time tracking features for efficient and transparent results.

Besides this some of the other software you can use includes Apploye, Time Doctor, Hubstaff and Proofhub.