Breath Healthier Air, Lead Healthier Lives With Uvc Sterilization Lamp

The world right now is brimming with modern industrial developments and machines, industrial excavation, and technological advancements. Humans are constantly exposed to pollution, dust, dirt, and all kinds of fumes and microparticles. It is a misconception that they are only outside the home-spaces as modernization develops, these pathogens and pollutants enter homes as well through windows, doors, ventilators, and other small cracks and spaces. Remaining unaware only makes it more difficult to keep them away as they continue to make the environment an unhealthy living and breathing space daily. They are dangerous to health and therefore, certain precautions must be taken to make the personal environment an eco-friendly pollution-free zone.

Good Air Equals A Good Life:

Breathing good air is the first step to start living a good life. It may not be possible to drastically change the air outside but one can take measures to improve the air they breathe inside their homes. One can install high intensity sterilized UVC sterilization lamps (หลอด UVC ฆ่าเชื้อ, which is the term in Thai) at the front of the evaporator cooling systems pipes that can purify the air inside homes. With this, additional manual energy and labor cost is reduced and saved because of its unique air conditioning system design.

Scientific Technology Behind UVC Lamps:

  • UVC lamp is a technology that utilizes ultraviolet light – the UV light is scattered into UVA, UVB, and Vacuum UV and this helps killing many pathogens.
  • These pathogens when multiplying cause illnesses like headache from flu, burning eyes, immunosuppression, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, and other diseases in the organs.
  • The UVC lamp stops the multiplication of these pathogens at room temperature and lowers the possibility of falling ill significantly.

Why UVC lamps?

  • The sterilization ability of UVC rays that are present in UVC lamps when installed in air conditioning systems, deflates the cooling coil over drainpipes and does its job automatically in removing pollutants and other harmful particles.
  • It constantly cleans the indoor unit. There’s no need for human labor or the use of chemicals to wash the coils. It is an automatic and stress-free process.
  • When the indoor unit is cleaned, the air handling unit works better and extends its useful lifespan consequently improving the air quality of the home environment.

It is essential to have indoor units clean to have a better functioning environment that has clean air circulation. Installing UVC sterilization lamp systems indoors is universally accepted to be beneficial for all the above reasons and culminate to be an effective solution in increasing and maintaining healthy indoor air quality and assuring a better lifestyle for family and building owners at home.