Dell Poweredge Can Be A Miracle To Your Data Center

The 1U (Unit) rack server is the smallest that should be mounted in a standard 42U rack server. It allows data centers and institutions to scale up their capacity to meet their requirements against a large scale footprint where leisured capacity gets occupied as valuable space in the rack. The Dell has its server line called Dell PowerEdge. One of its servers is Dell PowerEdge R6515.

It comes up with outstanding configurations and limited function. It is a rack server designed on a 1U rack server in a dense single-socket to deliver peak performance and excellent TCO to handle the workloads such as:

  • Virtualization
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCl)
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Benefits of using Dell PowerEdge R6515

1. It gives InnovativeAndHigh Performances with the emerging workloads:

With the latest up-gradations; the data-center evolves with modern platforms that line-up easily. The PowerEdge can provide you the flexibility to achieve high-performance demands on your network workload. The high-level specification of it is specified with improved TCO with VM density and, SQL performance improvements though your system.

And, for low latency on ROBO and Dense Azure Stack HCl, the high parallelism is achieved for the server as it is configured with latest PCIe Generation 4, which has faster data transfer speeds and, 100% more processing cores of the network. This server can increase memory performances. The server reaches its optimised state for proper functioning.

2. With An Automation Infrastructure Functions It Increases The Efficiency And Accelerates Operations:

In an Open Network Manage system of Dell, it provides an integrated and efficient solution for PowerEdge Servers through automation, repeatable, and tailored operations. It can help the user to manage servers using a phone or tablet by utilizing its OpenManage Mobile applications.

The Dell PowerEdge R6515 server can be used to centralize using an Enterprise console system namely OpenManage. It is capable to manage server life cycles after taking 72% less time to resolve issues.

3. With Heavy Integrated Security, It Can Strengthen Your Data Centers

You can enhance yourdata centerssecurity with a cyber-resilient architecture/framework.It deeply integrates security into each phase of the frame.

Specifications of Dell PowerEdge

Based on their specifications it has two different variants. One of the rack server variants is embedded with 16 GB RAM with a heavy speed of 3200MT/s. It has 2*600GB SATA HDD with 3 Year warranty services. While another variant has heavy RAM of 32 GB with supports of the optical drive and heavy composition of 2*480 GB SATA Hard Disk Drives.