Growth Hacking: The New Buzz Word in Digital Product

Most of you must have already heard the term Growth Hacking. The very first misnomer is in the word itself. While most people associate the term hacking to a relatively derogatory approach, this ninja technique in digital marketing has nothing much to do with illegal stuff. 

Growth hacking is one of the approved strategies to premier as a company by witnessing prolific business growth over a short time span. This modern-day marketing strategy belongs to the wider family of outward marketing. The innovation of this strategy was very much result oriented and the main driving force in this case was reduced time span. Most digital product development companies offer various growth hacking services.

This was initially coined especially for those startups which were running low on cash and could not afford to religiously abide by traditional marketing strategies that were more time consuming and money consuming. Growth Hacking strategies evolved as the new means that could drastically reduce the marketing cost yet generate a desired result and most importantly very quickly. 

There are numerous techniques involved in Growth Hacking that can generate scalable growth of any brand. The greatest uniqueness is the dynamicity of growth hacking. The domain of growth hacking is forever evolving and each time better. The shifting paradigms of rapid change and new fashion trends are characteristic of growth hacking. The new decade welcomes even better and modern growth hacking solutions with a greater potential to engage customers, elevate profitability, enhance brand image, consolidate and retain existing customer base thus creating substantial brand loyalty over time. 

Here are the top new trends in the world of growth hacking: – 

  • Employment of data driven advertising techniques for digital marketing
  • Lead generation through multiple channels and automation of the marketing process
  • Using mobile ecommerce for better business growth

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