The importance of investing in mobile applications

The most important advantage of designing mobile applications for the site is the speed of spreading, as the presence of the application on the Google or Apple market allows many customers to download the application and use it easily

With an attractive application and an impressive and easy-to-use shape that allows the customer to use the application with ease

The applications are used to make your site easier to spread online

Successful mobile application

The mobile application must be attractive and modern in order to attract visitors to use it constantly

Ease of use and the mobile application explains the whole idea of ​​the site so that it is easy to use

Application download speed The lower the download speed, the benefit the application

What caused this boom in the telephone software industry?

If we turn to the history of the development of the web as well as mobile phones, we will surely know why this boom!

The web industry has evolved from fixed speech design to automatic interactive software. Until this development was not enough, when the first mobile phone was released from Apple, it was the first operating system to adopt the idea of ​​mobile applications and with the increase in the growth of mobile phones, whether Android or iOS, the stores of these platforms that contain Over millions of apps.

If there are several reasons that made this platform one of the most important factors for the success of many companies, more than half of its users

Facebook and Twitter, they use it through their mobile phones. The reasons are:

The question remains, how to do Motion Graphic?

1- The world is moving through mobile applications

No one can deny that access to our mobile phones is faster than access to a private laptop.

Who among us does not check his mobile phone in the morning, during driving or transportation, when eating, or when looking for something, etc.

2 – Mobile applications provide quick marketing solutions

When your company’s mobile app is on the clients’ phone, they can connect to your work

Anytime, anywhere. When using the application periodically, this enhances the capabilities of your company and helps build

Identity and a strong link between you and the customer in the palm of the hand.

3- Provide better service and sales solutions

Thanks to the technical development in this area, the sales solutions are better, more accurate and more productive than before.

Also, customer behaviors have changed from different buying habits or browsing products before purchasing them. This means that

Customers have more options before deciding whether to purchase a specific product.

4- Providing fast, real-time access to data

Mobile apps save you from dealing with slow data collection and processing stages. Mobile applications can handle and analyze data faster and more productively. This data can be customized so that you can control access to what is required with extreme accuracy, such as custom notifications, for example, for a city about a city. It is possible if a notice was sent to the city of Riyadh when a reduction of up to 20%, while in Jeddah, the reduction could be something else. Similarly, any other factor can be determined such as age, nationality, specific interests and many others.

Mobile application design

There are two types of mobile applications:

Android applications and these applications are specific to Google, so these applications are uploaded to the Google Play market, where they are downloaded from the Google market by visitors.

IPhone applications and these applications are specific to Apple, as they are uploaded to the App Store and downloaded by visitors

The two applications are often made for the site to increase the site’s strength and ease of exposure on all devices

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