IT service management: what do you need to know about the topic?

The digital transformation is changing the relationship between the information technology sector and companies. A few decades ago the objective of IT sector was to keep the infrastructure of a company remain functional. Today, the focus is on aligning IT with business strategies. The management of IT services for small companies is becoming increasingly important since it can generate impacts on the revenue of the company as a whole. Therefore, it is important that you know what good practices you must follow.

What is IT service management?

IT Service Management is a strategic approach that focuses on designing and managing the way companies deal with IT. The goal of small business IT support services is to improve efficiency. If used alongside operations management, ITSM helps to improve the efficiency of other aspects of IT, including IT planning, security, support and delivery. To achieve this spectacular goal, IT service management is incorporated into the ITIL. It is standard that governs best practices for IT governance. It is these standards that allow companies to continue working in compliance and security, optimizing their performance and reducing waste.

The different types of online technical support

There are different types of online technical support. We can say that they are classified into two levels of service that are directly related to the types of demands that come from your customers, whether internal or external. We will explain a little more about each one.

Help desk

The first type of remote support is the help desk, where the customer has the first contact with support. This first contact can be made through different channels, such as online chat or email. At this first level of service, low complexity customer problems are generally solved.

Table service

On the other hand the service desk is the kind of online technical support to solve the most complex problems that demand the opinion of more experienced professionals.

  • The service channels, which refer to the monitoring, clarification and mediation of internal and external doubts,
  • Databases so that files and service history are always accessible and safe,
  • Actions involving security, physical and digital environments,
  • Network connection, hardware and software management.

It is also the task of the service desk to monitor customers, predict problems and propose strategies for the IT area. Due to its consultative nature, the service provided by it can be telephone, online and also personal. Carefully analyze each aspect before choosing the best small business IT support services in Wisconsin.