Keep Track of Your Backlinks to Improve Traffic to Your Website

Have you noticed that sometimes no matter how many updates you do on your website, there will be a decrease in your visitors? Have you ever wondered why? One of the reasons could be dead or broken backlinks. So, what is the resolution for this?

Why Tracking is Important?

Now, being a web admin, you might be aware that to get better rankings and traffic, you need to build backlinks. Backlinks help users redirect to your website, adding to your website’s popularity. Adding backlinks and forgetting about them will not serve the purpose. You need to constantly monitor your backlinks.

Constant tracking of your backlinks can ensure that there are no faulty links that can damage the brand image of your website. Similarly, Many SEO monitoring tools can help notify you of bad or broken links through reports and audits. Some also offer to import and export your backlinks, along with the number of anchors.

If you have no idea which SEO monitoring tools to invest in, you can try Linkascope. This SEO monitoring tool comes with a backlinks checker that can help evaluate the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

They even offer SEO Audit reports that can help identify faulty backlinks from spammy websites, so that you can immediately disown these websites and maintain your website popularity. It also offers Nofollow services wherein it tells search engines to ignore not useful links.

You can also make use of the Analytic Reports shared by this SEO tool to analyze anchor value so that if the right traffic is not redirected to your website, you can think of new anchor links to replace the old ones.

Now, many a time users might not be interested in long URLs. This can also be one of the reasons why there may be less traffic to your website. One of the best ways to resolve this is by using a link shortener like You can even use the QC code generator to create short links for your websites.

Having a short URL makes it easier for users to share your link and gain more traffic to your website. Bear in mind that the attention span of visitors is very less, thereby the shorter your URL link, the better it is for visitors to remember it.

Popular Backlink Analysis Tools for Your Website

You can experiment with below backlink analysis tools to ensure that your website is on track:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Linkio
  • Linkody

Ubersuggest offers you a summary report of overall backlinks to your website and which of them are no follow links. You can even use these reports to check how your backlink score is growing when compared to your competitors.

Linkio is a combination of 3 modules and offers a backlink checker, crawlers, and validators. In case of default or broken links, it immediately shares alerts allowing you to resolve the issue.

Linkody proves to be useful when you need to keep a track of your competitors’ backlink profiling. It also generates everyday reports showcasing the health of your link profile.  


Maintaining a website requires a lot of effort from your side. When it comes to website uptime monitoring or backlinks profiling, SEO tools can take off the load from you.