Link Building through Social Media Sharing

Everybody shares content on social media and there is no and that is nothing new about it. But,  when it comes to Link Building, you should have a concerted and regulated programmatic and disciplined plan of action to do this social media sharing of your content posts. When the social media content is getting shared, it reaches out to vast multitudes of people from diverse sections or within a niche. This produces incalculable Link Building benefits for your brand as more viewers and people click through your content. As some of them share your content, you will get even more reach through viral marketing. As your posts get repeatedly being shared by more and more people, you will get tons of views and clicks for your posts. Thereby, enormous traffic for your website.

Social media is here to stay but how efficiently you are monetizing it to your Link Building process remains to be seen. It is very simple and easy, and does not require specific skill search and expert knowledge to just share your existing posts and content but it only needs periodic attention, intention and action so that your posts are reposted and shared. Let us get to find more on this below. More info, check with

Reshare Old Social Media Posts

If you are regular in posting content in your social media in the past several days, you could have done huge volumes of posts. This is enough to do reposting. Reposting those posts will be enough to create attraction in social media and get backlinks to your website for immediate results. You may do it all at once or sequentially as per your Digital Marketing strategic requirements. If you are looking to increase quality backlinks to boost Link Building, buy do follow backlinks here.

Multi-schedule Recent Posts

You can re-share your recent posts across multiple time zones so that people in different time zones can be reached at different days of different time periods. They will be able to see your content and take action on them as mentioned. To enable this, you should always put the relevant links to the web pages matching the context.

Multi-scheduling your posts should be done keeping in mind the potential audience’s lifestyles and behaviours. For example, if you are promoting an e-commerce website and you are promoting grocery online, and you want your posts to reach out to working women and homemakers, you should understand their social media usage patterns separately. Working women usually have time to check their social media status in the night hours. Homemakers used to be occupied the entire morning with cooking, readying their kids to school and repetitive regular tasks like washing clothes, cleaning the home, etc., and get their leisure hours by noon. These two audience sets check their social media status and various other news items in different time zones of the day and you have to schedule your post to those particular time zones to reach out effectively to these target groups. If you do this right, the women will pick up your stories and make a favourable decision that benefits your bottom line.

Share Across Platforms

When you are sharing your content to social media and other platforms as part of your digital marketing campaigns, you can do so on multiple social media platforms.This way, you can increase the breadth of your distribution, and eventually reach out to more viewers than not.

Share Web Pages & Links

You can share all of your web pages and links considering their worthiness and relevance. If you are adding pictures and videos, add their link to web pages and links meaningfully. That will get you quality traffic to those web pages. If this is done continuously, you will get regular clicks to these links and this gives a huge benefit for your Link Building exercise.

Submit and Share Blog Posts

Blogs tell how to win or what to do or give a right perspective in a given niche or topic. So, if you are about to start blogging, share all your blog content as and when you write and publish them. You can share the blog content across all of your social media accounts so that you will get diverse audiences reaching back to your website through URL links placed within your articles.

Share Discounts & Offers

Share your discounts and offers in social media in the right seasons or at the right time period with the corresponding links. Then, you will get a good number of clicks and you can expect a great deal of sales conversion.

Share Videos & Infographics 

Videos are the new in-thing in digital marketing now. For every type of products and services, videos are being made, released and consumed by passing hour and day. Billions of hours of video are being consumed everyday. If you can get a sizable chunk of these huge numbers of views, you can even over-achieve your Link Building targets and objectives.

Like these videos are infographics. Infographics are informative, suggestive and insightful. Your niche audiences really look for them, care about them, value them  and check them to see what is going on in their niche. So, infographics sharing will give you the results you will be looking for.

Share Ecommerce Links to Boost Sales 

You can share your ECommerce links in your social media to boost sales of your products listed in your eCommerce website or third party eCommerce websites to instantly create numerous sales and orders. If you periodically share content resources which lead to your Ecommerce links, you will even be surprised by the whopping results. The social media sharing of your Ecommerce product listings contributes immensely to your eCommerce sales.


Successful Link Building through Social Media starts with your understanding of the entire process and benefits. If you understand the process and its worthiness, you will follow the necessary steps and implement it right, and bring about the results.