Powerful SEO Insights To Always Follow For Better Results

SEO drives digital marketing, without which it is hard for a business website to gain online visibility, traffic, leads, and sales. If you have been in the SEO landscape then you have experienced how things change suddenly. When you feel everything is fine, Google changes its ranking algorithm. SEO has been a proven technique to gain better results on search engines as well as offer a great user experience. However, for SEO to show its effect takes proper strategy and time.

SEO Agency Los Angeles specializes in everything that search engine optimization stands for. The SEO Company ensures to build a solid strategy but there are some SEO insights that you must always follow even if search engines announce any type of changes.

Before you get to know the nine SEO insights, identify 2 or 3 keywords used frequently in the content and relevant to the overall page topic. Identify 2 or 3 keywords per webpage on the website. If you cannot, then create new content to replace that webpage.

Empower SEO strategy with powerful SEO insights always

Page Title

  • The title has to be > 70 characters.
  • Add only 3 long-tail keywords.
  • Use important keywords first and make a compelling content title.

Meta Description

  • The description must have at least 150 characters.
  • Incorporate a primary keyword in a conversational format.
  • Use active voice.
  • Include a call to action.
  • It has to be relevant to the webpage content.


  • Include primary keyword.
  • Keep URL short because it is easy to remember.
  • Separate keywords using dashes [-].

Heading tags

  • Each page must have a couple of heading tags that uses the primary keyword in an active voice.
  • Besides the H1 tag, the page must include at least two H2 tags.

Page content

  • People read page content, so it has to be informative.
  • Use the primary and secondary keywords at least 3 times in the content body.
  • Underline the keywords or make them bold.

Internal links

  • Internal linking means creating a road map within your website.
  • Add 2 to 3 links within the content directing to another page on your website that is relevant.


  • Images used on a web page must have file names matching the primary or secondary keywords.
  • Separate every word on the file name with a dash.
  • Image alt text must match the image file name and page title keyword. Don’t use a dash in the alt text.

Cross-linking pages

  • Ensure to have a minimum of 3 internal links that are interconnected to an optimized web page.
  • The anchor text of the link must have keywords that are there on the page you are linking it to.

Meta keywords

  • Major search engines like Google or Bing don’t use Meta Keywords in their algorithm but small engines may do.
  • Add 3 to 5 Meta keywords to pages relevant to content and page title.

The SEO process is most crucial for marketers, so to strengthen your online visibility and ranking follow these SEO insights even if search algorithms change.