The Best PC Tune-Up Software

Computer tune-up software can help give your computer a new lease of life. A few free PC cleaners can help with disk space and system optimization, but they aren’t as effective as the best, paid versions.

What are the best Windows PC tune-up software suites on the market? We’re going over four popular options to help you to make the correct decision based on your needs.

iolo System Mechanic

Topping the list is System Mechanic®, which is a best-seller from iolo. It has been considered the PC performance package to beat for the last several years, and they continue to hold onto that spot by making constant updates to provide great value for all customers. Whether customers are running Windows 10 or going back into the Windows archive, there are tools to tune the computer up and help with performance.

Ease-of-use has always been a massive focus for System Mechanic. Users most likely have not had experience with tune-up software, and it can seem complicated with the number of steps. With System Mechanic, it is a matter of clicking a button to automate everything.

The level of specific tools also helps differentiate System Mechanic from the competition. Different tools help with general computer care, enhanced cleaning, speed and performance boost, and protection. All of these improve the computer and bring it back to its original performance in so many ways.

System Mechanic has a few upgrade options for those wanting even more tools to tune their computer the right way. The work users must put in to get everything squared away is always minimal, as more often than not, users just install the software and let it run continuously. Any issues are either automatically detected or detected when scans occur during non-busy parts of the day.


CCleaner has been a reliable tune-up utility for computers over the years. It does a great job of getting rid of files that are no longer needed, and it can clean the registry to speed up older computers that have seen better days. As one of the only options with versions for Windows, macOS, and Android, it is an excellent solution for anyone having issues with their system. You can schedule tune-ups that fit your schedule or do it at any point with a click of a button.

What makes it only the runner-up compared to System Mechanic? A lot of it comes down to two different factors. For one, pricing can be different since the licenses are not as versatile. The initial cost might be cheaper, but you’ll need to purchase a new license for every different computer. There have also been some security issues in the past with CCleaner and its parent company. Even if a lot of that is fixed, some still doubt the company as a whole.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

WinOptimizer is fast and easy to use for any consumer. Shoppers also appreciate the simplicity of the tool, which is affordable. The only thing that limits WinOptimizer compared to other options is that it does not come with quite the amount of tune-up tools that others provide, meaning that other investments might be necessary.

The initial deep scan works excellent, and you can see exactly what is needed to bring the computer back up to speed. Doing a tune-up does not take much time, and the tools that WinOptimizer does provide work as well as they should.

It appears to focus mainly on the most critical issues affecting computer performance. The layout of the utility and the software itself might need an upgrade, but it is still effective. Those who might only need simple clean-up tools instead of a complete package will find Ashampoo WinOptimizer worthy of the investment.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

There are a ton of similarities between IObit Advanced SystemCare and System Mechanic. It seems like IObit is doing what it can to mimic what the best provides, but it still comes up a bit short. Although many will like the tune-up tools, most will find that System Mechanic offers slightly greater value.

Auto clean-up is one tool that is every bit as effective as System Mechanic. Those who want something straightforward and hands-off can get precisely that. It is as simple as pressing a few buttons and sitting back.

It also provides many additional tools that will come in handy for people who want to optimize and tune the computer well. Some of the premium options do end up costing a little more, but those who plan to use it continually will find it worthy of the upgrade.

If IObit could add a few more upgrades to their standard version, they could give System Mechanic a run for their money. As it stands, it still needs a few refinements to make it the best of the best. It is cheaper than System Mechanic, but most people feel the value is still not the same.

Can any product match System Mechanic as quality tune-up software?

There is a competitive market for quality PC tune-up software that you can depend on. System Mechanic is still the best option right now. Ultimately, people are looking for something that is simple to use and shows meaningful results. The reviews speak for themselves, and System Mechanic offers a free trial to put their money where their mouth is. Companies still are a ways away from matching the value of System Mechanic at this time.