Top 4 tech trends in 2022

Covid-19 pandemic gave the start to a new era in the Tech world. In the lockdown platforms like TikTok became the best way of spending time. Lots of big brands started focusing on TikTok. Surprisingly, advertising on TikTok actually worked! Furthermore, TikTok was considered the best platform for marketing. Because of that, business experts suggest using TikTok as a main platform for popularizing your products. To have a large audience, you can simply buy TikTok followers for the best price!

Trend #1: Connectivity

The world around us is changing and connected objects are becoming more and more important. Between Edge Computing and innovations around 5G/6G technologies, the notion of integration is essential. It’s time to imagine a global connectivity of functionalities to respond to situations more than to needs

Trend #2: Engineering IT Excellence

IT excellence can and should follow engineering practices, to enhance new technologies. Without this IT excellence, new technologies do not pass the “buzz” stage, and cause disappointment, frustration, tension and weariness. Rather than pitting traditional practices against innovation and new technology, we must work to adapt methodologies to achieve IT excellence.

Trend #3: Health (Smart Health)

One of the sectoral trends identified by the Cellenza experts is that of health. Indeed, health services are evolving and digitizing. New advanced technologies (AI, IoT, quantum computing, security) are leading to the development of new uses around prevention, diagnosis and “self-care”. How will these technologies move the healthcare sector into a new era?

Trend #4: Supply Chain

The last strategic sectoral trend identified by the Cellenza experts is the Supply Chain. The latter can become a profit center and generate value by using technologies such as IoT , robotics and Artificial Intelligence which are used today to optimize this cost center. The evolution of technologies makes it possible to foresee a profound modification of the Supply Chain sector.

The IoT, robotization or even AI are all technological foundations that serve as a base for the Supply Chain to accommodate new concepts and services . How will these new services improve the Supply Chain and with what technologies can they be implemented?