What is digital marketing?

You and your pal decided to go on a long drive, but instead of talking to you, your friend is busy looking at his phone. Well, it is not odd as the future is in technology only.

A few years ago you preferred shopping through stores or supermarkets but what now? You love to tap and buy! Isn’t it cool? just a single tap and in a while your stuff is knocking on the door. All this is a result of digital marketing.

Let’s get a brief into what digital marketing is.

It is a way of marketing that takes the help of electronic devices to impart promotional messages and estimates its impression.

Digital marketing also refers to a marketing crusade that can be seen on computers, cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices. It occurs in several forms including online videos, ads display, and posts on social media.

Digital marketing is also famed as online marketing, it is the method used by companies to promote their brands and to make a strong bond with potential customers by making use of the internet and other forms of virtual communication. For instance, email, social media, web advertisement, and multimedia messages to name a few.

Why digital marketing?

You have questions hovering in your mind that if stores are abundant nearby and which offer good quality stuff then why go digital? Okay! Let’s go to a flashback, you are a kid and you saw a billboard of Baskin Robbins, and your mouth flooded with temptation but your mama refused to buy as you can get cold. Now, come to the present, you are walking on the road with a phone and all your attention and eyes gaze at the screen only, you don’t care what the poster is being tucked in, or what mannequin you crossed.

Well, the truth is, it’s not only you who does this, it’s the 90 percent of the population who don’t give their attention to roadside billboards or mascots because the traditional marketing is being outdated due to the update in technology. We all are going to be surrounded by gadgets in the forthcoming days, even in the present time we spend 70 percent of our day with the digital world.

We can say digital marketing is better as it can reach people sitting in any corner of the world, but traditional marketing is limited to their spot only.

Types of digital marketing:


Suppose you decided to buy a rose while searching you found various shades of roses. In the same way, digital marketing has many types, here are few types to make you all clued up. Get you more fresh leads through the tools given below:

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization, or you can say SEO, is a tool of marketing, saying it as a form can be a little manipulating. “The balance “ describes it as “the art and science of making web pages attractive to search engines”. SEO is a sort of science because it needs research and measures different factors to achieve the desired ranking. The most important elements of SEO are

  • The quality of the content
  • User engagement quantity
  • Quality and quantity of inbound links.

 The calculated use of these factors makes SEO a science, but the inclusion of uncertainty makes it an art.

Search engine marketing (SEM): It is a method to elevate the appearance of a website in the search engine result pages. It is a necessary strategy to increase the website’s reach and connect the targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing: It drives traffic and elevates brand awareness by engaging people in online discussions. The most famed platforms for social media marketing are Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and last but not least LinkedIn. Active participation is involved in social media marketing, and it is the best way to gain attention. Social media marketing provides built-in engagement measures, which are immensely useful in assisting you to understand how well you have reached your targeted customers.

These three are the major digital marketing services, one needs in enhancement of their website.

Digital Marketing Malaysia has flourished and most people are engaged with digital marketing in comparison to traditional marketing. People prefer to tap and buy and to surprise their loved ones with just a single click by sitting in the other corner of the world.

Perks of digital marketing

Digital marketing is prominent owing to its reach in the vast audience but it offers several other benefits too.

  • A wide geographic reach: When an ad gets posted online, people are bound to see it no matter where they are, and this makes it easy to level up your business reach.
  • Cost efficiency: You can create just one post and can make it reach the maximum audience.
  • More connection with customers: You can communicate with your audience and can listen to their queries and then you can plan accordingly.

Meta description: Let go of your confusion of digital and traditional marketing and make yourself all set to go for digital marketing.