Why You Should Become a Gaming E Girl

As we all know, E girls are entertainers on the internet who do a variety of activities to entertain their fans and followers. Most of them can be found on TikTok doing the latest trends and challenges. They showcase their singing and dancing skills on TikTok as well as vlog updates on their daily activities. Many of them post these on various social media platforms. But a lot of them do gaming content as well and it seems that when people hear the word E Girl, they think of gaming as well. But why do they become E Girls in the first place? Why join the world of E Girl Gaming?

Earn Money

A lot of E girls use different sites as their main ways of earning cash. You usually find E girls on various internet platforms, many of which monetize their online content. This begs the question, how do they earn through online means of entertainment?

Some of them go to streaming sites to showcase their playthroughs of different games. They usually play games that are well-known and are considered timeless classics like Minecraft, Dark Souls, and also newer games like Resident Evil Village, Spider Man: Miles Morales, etc. They also show their skills in more competitive games like Fortnite, League of Legends, CS:GO, and more. A lot of people watch them for their reactions to games as well as for their cheery attitudes and colorful aesthetics.

They also go to gamer platforms like Gank to have people hire them to play games with them. They are big in these types of websites and marketplaces. A lot of people like to hire E Girls because they are usually really nice to those who hire them and are very friendly. E Girls get to know more about their clients and vice versa by talking with them and sharing things about themselves.

Become Inspirations

We all have our favorites in gaming. Favorite games like God of War, Devil May Cry, and Resident Evil. Favorite platforms like the PlayStation, X Box, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Favorite Gaming Content Creators like Jacksepticeye, Lazarbeam, and 2011-2013 version of PewDiePie. E Girls can also be gaming content creators. There have been a lot of successful E Girl Gaming content creators. There is also no doubt that they have inspired others to pursue their dreams in gaming. Some may have started their own channel on YouTube or Twitch, while some may have even picked up a controller for the first time in their lives all thanks to E Girls. You never know, maybe you’ll inspire someone to start gaming as well.

Meet New People

Being a gamer E Girl also means that you’ll be able to meet with new people through games and different gamer platforms. You could meet up with your fans and do meet and greets. This will increase your engagement with them and show how much you care for them. You could also meet with other content creators and do collabs with them. This will show that you’re willing to contact other gaming content creators to bring fresh new content to your channel.

You also get to meet more people if you have a Gank account. You get to talk to your clients and you may even make a friend with one of them. There are many upsides to becoming a gaming E Girl and it’s definitely worth a shot.