10 Home Automation Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

Technology has been evolving day by day. People are moving towards making their homes smart by installing and using home automation products. These products can make life way easier.

Home automation is just what it sounds like:  enabling you to control things around the house—from lights to window curtains—with a press of a button or a voice command miles away from the devices. A few activities, such as setting up a light to turn on and off, are easy and moderately economical. This article will show you the 10 home automation products that will make your life easier.

  1. Switch Controller: The switch controller, as the name suggests, controls the switches of your home. It lets you control any appliances or lights through a monitoring system on your smartphone. From switching on the light at a pre-scheduled time to decreasing the speed of the fan through a voice command or from the app, it can all be done. 
  2. AC Controller: AC Controller gives you access to the air conditioning system of your home. It can switch on/off the AC on your command. You can also set a schedule to on/off the AC. Moreover, with a suitable app, you can do it even when you are miles away. No more walking into a hot room after a hard day at work. 
  3. Dimmer Controller: A dimmer controller lets you have control over the speed of the fans. It also gives you control of light output from CFL, LED, and other lighting sources in your house. You can automatically dim the lights during the evening to prepare for your sleep.
  4. Curtain Controller: Imagine being able to open/close the curtains right from your bed. A curtain controller lets you open and closes your window or door curtains from anywhere in the house. Moreover, you can schedule this that can help you get up on time—no more hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock. 
  5. High Wattage Device Controller: Appliances like geysers, ovens and washing machines are high-wattage appliances. These appliances can be controlled remotely using a high wattage device controller that can draw up to 16 amp of current. With the help of this controller, you can control the power appliances of your home remotely or even set schedules- No more waiting for the water to heat up when you’re ready to take a shower. 
  6. Fire Alarm System: A fire alarm system is made to alert you to a fire emergency to take action and prevent a fire accident. It detects smoke and heat and sends an alert to you and the local authorities. Moreover, a notification is also sent to your smartphone. Thus, you can keep your home safe even if you are in a different city. 
  7. Motion Sensor: A motion sensor is designed to detect and alert you about every movement outside your house. Moreover, the motion sensors of today are smarter and ensure they filter out the motions of insects, dogs, cats so that you only get alerted of the real threat. 
  8. Hooter: An electronic hooter provides an audible alarm when it detects some motion. It can be connected to the surveillance cameras at your house or even the motion sensors. Apart from notifying you on your smartphone, the hooter also alerts your neighbours and deters threat elements.  
  9. Panic Alert System: In case you have senior citizens in your house, you must consider installing one of the most secure home automation products, a panic alert system. It is a simple product that senior citizens can use to send help alerts in case of emergency. Whether you are in the next room or travelling, a notification will alert you. 
  10. Surveillance Cameras: IP Surveillance cameras can help you get a live feed of the location right on your phone. You can also set up alerts to ensure the complete security of your house. Moreover, you can integrate these devices with other smart home devices such as a panic button or hooter.

The idea of home automation is not just about securing your home but also controlling your home remotely. Installing home automation products can help you in many ways. From providing security to reducing your energy bills and, most importantly, giving you peace of mind- these devices can work together to make your home a smart home.