Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the more overlooked SEO strategies that so many new guest authors fail to incorporate into their marketing campaigns. Many marketing specialists will tell you that it is ineffective because it does not build backlinks or improve your search engine rankings. This is simply not true. Guest blogging can be a very effective way to boost your SEO ranks and build relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

The basic definition of guest posting is quite simple- it means posting onto someone else s blog as a guest. You post content onto someone else s blog, and in exchange you receive an additional backing from them to your own blog. It s a very simple idea with a clear sounding, but somewhat complicated logic, but why is guest posting such a great idea? Guest Posting provides you with two major advantages over trying to optimize for your own content. These are social and search engine benefits.

First off, guest blogging allows you to add your name to other people’s blogs who have great content. This not only boosts your visibility, but it helps build relationships and trust between you and the other person. It also can increase traffic to both your website and individual blogs that carry your content. Many business owners would love to have their own blogs, and guest posting makes it easier to have their place on the web. When people start visiting your blog, they are more likely to click on the back link leading to your business owner’s site. This increases your authority, which can lead to increased sales and/or traffic.

Guest blogging also provides you with two major social media benefits. The first social media benefit is that it creates a link back to your blog or your site. Most people visit sites like Facebook and Twitter first when they want to find out something new. If you are able to provide some fresh content, you can easily “steal” a blogger’s reader base. Some great examples of guest blogging include this one from TechCrunch, where the author is allowed to post a blurb about his or her own book, without providing links.

Another benefit of guest posts is that it creates an opportunity to brand yourself as an expert in your industry. Many business owners will use their blogs to talk about their products, services, and anything else that might be important to their readers. However, some of these blog posts will not get any traffic from readers, simply because no one knows that they exist! When you post a blog entry with your own link and a blurb about another writer’s book, you help to brand yourself as an expert.

Guest blogging is the perfect vehicle for internet marketers to promote their own products or services in a way that few other methods allow. It’s also easy to use, requiring only a few hours each week to implement and set up. There are a few simple things to remember when setting up guest blogging campaigns, though, in order to make sure that you get the most mileage out of them.

The main thing to remember about guest blogging to make the most of your efforts is that your audiences are not going to know who you are. Guest blogs are a chance for you to show your expertise and your work to a wider audience. If you are promoting a brand new blog series, this is the perfect opportunity to show people what you’ve been working on all year. Don’t just limit the scope of your guest posts to one or two items, though. If you can throw in an article or two about the subject, this will get people interested in what else you have to say.

The best practices for guest blog posting is to find a subject that is interesting to you or something you are relatively knowledgeable about. You’ll also want to keep your writing fresh and up to date, so be sure to check back often to let your readers know that your content is new and worth checking out. The more interesting and current your content is, the better search engine optimization your SEO will be. A guest blogger can help you achieve higher SEO with great success.

There are many Australian services that offer guest posting services. One of these sites is called The Tech Business News based in Australia. The site allows anyone from the general public to sign in and create a technology based article. However, not all articles are approved and they must meet special guidelines. This stops spammers looking for backlinks for their sites or blogs from creating rubbish content in order to earn a free backlink. Other sites in Australia such as The Werribee News allows its readers to submit articles and content via email. This is generally a much safer to offer content publishing as it creates much less work for the site owner because they don’t need to login to the Word Press backend system and delete bad data.