2nd Hand iPhone or Replacing with New One: How to Choose a Used Phone?

If you are not ready to pay iphone replacement price (ราคาเปลี่ยนเครื่อง iphone, term in Thai), a 2nd hand phone might be your option. When price chart for apple care+ (ตารางราคา apple care+, term in Thai) seems to be too high, you can choose a 2nd hand model after careful consideration. Everyone must be careful while buying 2nd hand products. If it an iPhone, it is even more necessary to be careful. One needs to pay quite a handsome price even for a used iPhone. As you are paying for it, you must properly check it before making the payments. There are a few features that should always be checked to understand the condition of the phone. 

Use and Abuse

If the questioned iPhone is more than a few years old, it probably already has some build quality issues, especially if the vendor didn’t properly maintain their device. Request that the seller take photos of the item from all sides, preferably with close-up macro views. In this manner, you can look for any significant dings, dents, stains, and blemishes. Verify that the wireless charging still functions and that there are no scratches on the camera lens that could affect photographs.

Purchase evidence

Get a hard copy or soft copy of the original receipt from the vendor. The prior owner and warranty status can both be found on the receipt, which is useful information. This enables you to determine if the seller was the iPhone’s original owner and whether the device is still covered by warranty. Consider whether you are happy with not being able to trace device ownership if the seller is unable to give a receipt. 

IMEI Number 

Ask the vendor to access Settings > General > About and look up the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number to see if the device specifications match those on the certified receipt. As an alternative, instruct them to dial *#06# to get the special IMEI number that way. The IMEI number will then appear on the iPhone, which you can cross-reference with the receipt the vendor gave you as evidence of purchase. 

Serial number

Serial Number Apple assigns serial numbers to all its products in addition to the IMEI number for warranty verification. Ask the vendor to navigate to Settings > General > About so you can check the iPhone’s serial number. You can determine information like the location and date of the iPhone’s creation with its serial number. On Apple’s coverage page, you can also confirm the device specifications provided by the vendor. 

Authenticity in Part

While confirming the validity of a gadget, ask the seller if any repairs have ever been made to it in the past and if so, by an Apple-approved service provider. When a device is repaired in unlicensed facilities, it’s possible that the parts are no longer genuine. Check to see whether the iPhone contains any outside components. Low-quality components, such the LCD, tend to have an impact on battery life, speed, and backlights in addition to the visual experience of using an iPhone.