Consult Eric Minoli for Digital Transformation of Your Business

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology across all company functions. It essentially involves constantly changing how businesses use and provide value to customers. Additionally, it is a cultural shift that calls on businesses to continuously question the status quo, try new things, and learn to embrace failure.

Whether a company is small or large, digital transformation is essential. Every keynote, article, statement, or research related to how organizations will remain competitive and relevant as the world gets more digital makes that point quite apparent.  

It’s also important to note that modern businesses are at various stages of their digital transformation. However, some businesses feel stalled in the efforts made in the digital revolution. How to overcome the initial obstacles from vision to execution is one of the most challenging questions in digital transformation. Business owners are seeking help from consultants like Eric Minoli, who is specialized in the field of digital transformation. 

About Eric Minoli

Eric Minoli is an entrepreneur of innovative digital media who is transforming the market globally. Eric has more than 30 years of experience in the media industry and has been successful in growing organizations by transforming their conventional methods into innovative digital strategies. He has received numerous awards and is highly regarded throughout the world.

His passion and love for digital media took him to the US, Canada, India, France, and Brazil to gain education experience in this field. His educational credentials include a BA from the Université de Provence in France, a Digital Transformation Certification from California University of Berkeley and a mini-MBA in McGill University. 

He founded ‘Calimero Consulting’ to help businesses unlock their full potential through strategic digital planning. Eric’s objective was to make a good effect and the vision to transcend the limitations of digital media. check his website to know more about Eric Minoli. 

About Calimero Consulting

Calimero Consulting is a Digital Transformation practice with a focus on assisting businesses in leveraging information and technology to spur business change. They work with clients in a remarkably broad range of industries to help them realize the full potential of their digital approaches. They are not just advisers but partners as well who support their customers in realizing their goals. 

Due to this, Calimero has developed a comprehensive digital transformation program that takes the time to get to know every business process, people, and organization as well. Calimero believes that digital transformation should be a collaborative effort between business, IT, and marketing groups.

Just like Eric Minoli, the team at Calimero Consulting is all tech-savvy and sharp-witted that uses their full potential to change the outlook of any business. Eric Minoli has committed the last 30 years of his life to develop innovative digital solutions for the media and education industries.

As previously stated, he received several awards and recognition. 

  • 2017 IBC Innovation Award Winner.
  • 2017 Digital TV Europe Content Innovation Award Finalist for Best New Venture.
  • 2017 IABM Game Changer Award Finalist.

Plan in transforming your business to digital with consultant Eric Minoli, an experienced expert in digital media. He will help you maximize the company’s potential through a digital transformation using extremely straightforward techniques. The needs, goals, and difficulties of the business will be customized to help it grow with just one conversation.