How to Build a Coupon Site on WordPress?

WordPress is the best designer tool that I took help from as a new website designer. It provided an overall overview of the website’s design and helped me in each step of my website designing. I found a variety of themes that are ready to use as a template for my website. One of the major issues I have faced is adding coupons to my website. I have to add up a page dedicated to the coupons.

As a new business, the addition of coupons to my website is really important as it attracts the audience. The coupons work as a lead magnet for any business trying to build their presence and sell things online. Even after so much popularity, many people are unable to add coupons to their website. To help such people build a coupon website through WordPress, I am here to all. All you need to do is follow the steps given below:-

  • The first step I did was that I signed up for the hosting service provider and installed the wordpress. With the WPX hosting wordpress coupons help, I have brought my first hosting at a lower price. After installing, I was taken to the WordPress admin page.
  • Now the next step I have followed is selecting is a theme. There are a number of themes present online at the wordpress platform that is especially based o coupon site. While selecting a theme, I took care of two matters of facts. The first one is that the theme can create a coupon, and the other is that the site built needs a place to showcase all your coupons. As I find these two facts in one theme, I applied it and started working on it.

There is a whole list of specific needs needed to be taken care of when someone aims to build a coupon website through wordpress. Those needs are:-

  • The requirement of advanced search categories and the filter helps the audience filter out the coupons. It will help the audience directly ask for their requirement and the coupon pos up.
  • The display bar is also required for brown of the coupons. If you want to check out the example of a display bar of coupons, you can visit the Cloudways promo codes.
  • The coupon listing options are also required in the theme. The options can be a list of tip coupons and coupons which are expiring soon. Options like this boost up the user-friendly experience of the audience visiting the website.
  • A contact form for the customer so also required who is going to buy the coupons from your website. The benefit of the contact form is that you can collect the customers’ contact for the purpose of marketing in the future.
  • There are some exclusive deals that are open to only some of the subscribers. A coupon website needs a feature of membership and also a subscription list maintenance software in the theme.
  • A timer is also an important aspect of the coupon website. A timer will start ticking on the website whenever a coupon is about to expire. It will help in increasing the end time sale of that particular coupon.
  • When a person buys a coupon from you, then it is obvious that they will not come and pay you in cash. That is why the theme also requires a gateway for payment. This gateway will collect all the payments and transfer it to your bank account.
  • Sometimes the theme also provides some of the special email templates. It will help in the marketing of the coupon. The benefit of having this template is that it saves me precious time, which I was about to invest in drafting an email every time. You can also use the free blog commenting sites to promote promo code and drive the traffic.

These are the basic requirement of the theme that a coupon website must-have. After choosing the theme, I have started to design my own personalized coupons and started to showcase them. Along with that, there is one another option of adding the coupon to an existing website. For this, I use two popular plug-ins of the wordpress named Coupon creator and WP Coupons. You can easily find them in the wordpress admin.

After installing these plug-in, all I did opened the new post option in a wordpress admin and then popped up the option of add coupon. A readymade template of the coupon will appear to which I have made changes and uploaded it on my website.


These are some of the simple steps that I had followed when I was creating my coupon website. So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the steps I have followed after buying the hosting plan. It will surely provide a boost in the business and sales that is never expected.

Author Bio,

Jenny Amaya is a full time tech blogger and Digital marketing specialist, She always like to write and share the SEO and hosting resources such as dofollow social bookmarking sites list.