Pros and Cons of Online Payment Solutions for Merchants  

Credit and debit cards are used quite commonly for making payments at POS in cafés, restaurants, and other brick-and-mortar stores. But if we observe the trends, more and more shoppers are now opting for online shopping due to one reason or the other and are making payments online through digital modes. With this change in customers’ preference, there is a surge in the demand for cashless, electronic payments. Apart from the growing availability of smartphones and cashless payment options, the COVID-19 pandemic has played a serious role in making people rethink their preferred payment methods.

This big shift over the years in the shopping and payment preferences of customers has motivated countless traditional businesses also to go for online payment solutions. There are several advantages of going digital and following this trend of online shopping and selling for the customers as well as the merchants.

Let’s quickly discuss the pros associated with online payment solutions for customers and merchants!  

          Online payment is quick & easy – you end up saving lots of valuable time when paying online instead of counting cash and digging through purses/wallets in search of cash. Online payments take your stress of counting cash every time you have to pay for buying something. At the same time, accepting online payment is easier for merchants as well.

          Highly efficient – unlike cash payment, you don’t need to stand in queues when you choose to pay online. While customers save their time in making payments, merchants also benefit by managing the store during peak hours with less staff (when accepting online payments. The staff can be better used for assisting customers and maintaining the store.

          Cashless payment – when you pay cashless, there is no need to handle cash and keep carrying the cash wherever you go. For merchants, managing cashless payment turns out to be extremely hassle-free and quick.

          Secure and ensures greater revenues – as cash isn’t around, the customers, as well as merchants, are safe from costly human mistakes (in counting cash), fraud, robbery, etc. The money is automatically deposited to your (merchant’s) account, thereby leaving the least possibility of fraud. By allowing customers to pay online, merchants can boost their revenues as most online shoppers tend to spend more than planned (as there is no need to worry about cash in hand at the time of shopping.

          Managing payments is easy – when you accept electronic payment, accounting, auditing, and administration become easier. Also, you do not need to keep track of cash and take it to the bank for deposit. Furthermore, each payment is digitally recorded on your chosen platform.



Customers Can Benefit Immensely with Online Payments


Merchants have some amazing benefits of accepting electronic payment, such as:


          Saves time

          Least risky

          Helps reduce the carbon footprint

          No additional cost is involved

          Merchants can have a competitive advantage


The world post COVID-19 is changing fast and cashless and contactless payments are the new norms. In this scenario, if your business still doesn’t offer the customers an opportunity to pay online, you might be missing many opportunities for generating revenues. Online payments make it easier and safer for the customers to shop anytime, anywhere they need. The transactions are safer, securer, and faster and that adds to their confidence in making online payments. By allowing customers to pay online, you will eventually encourage them to shop more and shop often from your store without really worrying about available cash at the moment.


Furthermore, merchants can provide a better experience to customers by allowing them to pay online. A smooth and hassle-free checkout process encourages customers to shop often.



Accept online payment by setting up payment gateway online


To accept online payments, you will have to set up your payment gateway online and Payment USA can help you with that. With Payment USA, you can eliminate the risks associated with online payments effectively and allow your customers an opportunity to shop safely, easily, and securely right online. We have already helped countless merchants set up payment gateway online and are keen to do it for you as well.