Optimistic Companies Should be Doing SEO

2020 was the perfect storm of a global pandemic as well as violence, political division, and social upheaval.  Businesses were not spared from 2020’s chaos with someclosing forever due to forced shutdowns and violence; lives and livelihoods lost. Is there a reason for optimism beyond the “rona”?

How some businesses finished 2020 was not determined solely by the pandemic and all the damage it wrought on the economy. Some businesses managed to use the mandatory downtime to adapt and adjust for when businesses could return to “normal.”  It was this hope for a return to normalcy, this kind of American optimism, that drove some forward-thinking business owners to stay the course in their marketing and business development efforts.

With an increase in the number of people working from home, even when returning to the office became an option, some business owners had the idea that they need to improve their online presence to get found easier by interested potential customers (a.k.a. “hot leads”).

The primary way of getting found in Google is through search engine optimization (or SEO).  SEO is a process that convinces Google to rank one website higher than other sites for relevant keywords.  Getting to Google’s first page is the goal since the vast majority of searchers never go past page 1 when searching.  It takes time and money to get there but it is very much worth that investment.  An online marketing company in NJ can assist with this.  Companies that temporarily stopped their online marketing campaigns during 2020 have found their rankings losing ground; they lost their investment in SEO.  Those who continued their online marketing budgets and activities not only protected their SEO investment, but they also saw improvement in their rankings. The business optimists won by improving their search rankings without a substantial additional investment.

To learn how optimism can guide your marketing decisions after a most difficult year, check out this infographic from Landau Consulting, an SEO and internet marketing company in NJ.

Optimistic Companies Should be Doing SEO featured image Landau Consulting