Research the important things about the commercial registration services 

Businesses operating in the form of solo or group have to be registered at the Department of Business Development. The Commercial Registration Act B.E. 2549 stated that anyone who starts and runs their own business alone or partner with director, manager, or unlimited liability has to get the commercial registration certificate.

The จดทะเบียนพาณิชย์ is very important to confirm that the company is legally established. You have to get this certificate within 30 days from the commencement of your business. You have to pay the fine when the violation in this issue occurs. A proper commercial registration is useful to increase the business credibility and confidence level of customers to choose and recommend such business again to others.

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Techvision Accounting has a specialization in the professional services associated with the commercial and trade registration services. The two types of business registration in the nation in our time are the commercial registration and the registered trademarks.

If the business is solely depending on one person, then all the operations are professional and associated with such business owner.  If there is a public limited company, limited company or partnership involved in the business, then juristic person has to get the commercial registration certificate.

The six types of commercial registration in our time are commercial business of farmers groups certified under Por Por Por 141, 1972, commerce of ministries, departments, and bureaus, commerce of foundations, cooperatives, and associations, business of a juristic person established by Royal Decree, business for the religion or charity maintenance, and stall trading and hawking.

Get the commercial registration certificate

You may have a doubt that whether the business operators in online forms, sales representatives on online, the online shops, and businesses through the social platforms making online payments on the applications and websites have to register or not.  They have to get the จดทะเบียนพาณิชย์ and bring it as evidence to reveal that their business is reliable and legally certified. They can display this certificate related details on the home page of their website and give confidence to all new visitors to buy products or use services without any doubt.