Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

Today’s people are more connected now than before. Mobile phones and messaging apps have become instruments of widened reach, especially in the business world that employers need to regulate dependency on its use. Mobile archiving was the solution.

Business sectors need to closely monitor text messages and voice calls to comply with the EU’s legal obligations.

But since mobile phones have different security features that depend on whether it is an android or iOS phone, complexities begin as there is no universal message archiving solution. But here are some suggestions to consider:

Over-The-Top Application

OTT Apps are archiving solutions that does instant message recording as well as voice calls and is advisable for companies that has the “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy. It is an app that automatically records any messages sent through it excluding other messages sent using other messaging apps.

Mobile Archiving Agent

This is a type of business text archiving and voice call recording solution solely used for monitoring. While OTT apps are used to send a message, MAA apps are not. An archiving agent records all the messages sent through the phone built-in messaging app—that’s why iOS devices do not support this type of third-party app as they prioritize its users’ data privacy.

In-Network Capture


With this archiving solution, there is no need for the employees to download an app on their phones because messages are directly retrieved from the network that the phone carrier uses.

Learn more about these archiving solutions by looking at this infographic.