What It’s Like Being a Streaming Freelance Gamer

Being a freelance gamer offers you many opportunities and different jobs you could do. You could go to sites and platforms like Gank where you sign up and have people recruit and pay you to help them with their games. It’s one of the ways for gamers to earn money today. What is arguably the most common and well-known way for gamers to earn some cash would be by going to different streaming sites like Twitch and broadcasting their gameplays. Streaming has a lot of ups and downs.

More Engagement with Viewers           

If you decide to become a live streamer, you get to interact with fans a lot more often. When you simply upload your videos, you could answer their questions and respond to their comments. You could only type it and check it out every now and then. But when it comes to streams, you could respond to your viewers as you play your game. You fans and viewers can watch and comment on your stream and those comments will pop up on your screen. You could choose to ignore them and focus on your game or respond to their questions and comments as you play.

If you only want to have them ask questions and get to know you better as a streamer, you could set up and schedule a QnA. Announce it to let your viewers and fans know so they’d know what questions to ask you once you go live. This will help you build a strong connection with fans. You may not have a lot of followers at the start but this will make sure you make loyal ones.

Meet Other Content Creators

This also gives you the opportunity to meet other streamers. They could contact you and set up a collaboration and play games. The best part of this is you could exchange followers with them. They could promote your channel and they could do the same. You may even end up becoming friends with bigger content creators. Just look at PewDiePie and JackSepticEye’s friendship. Jack was just a simple fan who won a shout out contest by PewDiePie and several years later they became good friends and do collabs every now and then.

Become More Creative

Being a streaming freelance gamer also means you need to become more creative. You need to switch up your streams from time to time. Do long gameplays, do challenges, even do QnA’s from time to time. This will keep your channel from becoming boring and repetitive.

Better Time Management

When you’re a content creator, you’re going to need to be able to manage your time. You’d need to know how to manage and juggle your time properly. Know when to stream, when to go to work, and when to take a rest. To do this you need to be motivated as well. No matter how little views you get, you just stay on track. This lets your fans know that you’re going to keep streaming and that you’re not going anywhere.

Being a streamer is definitely a must try career if you’re a freelance gamer. There’s a bunch of opportunities waiting for you. But, if it’s not the thing for you. If broadcasting your gameplay all over the world is not your cup of tea, there’s always Gank. You could have people hire you to play with them. You could even go to Gank while you have a stream. You could use your streams to promote your Gank and vice versa.  That’s the beauty of being a freelance gamer. It’s all up to you.