Archiving Mobile SMS, Voice Calls, and WhatsApp Calls and Chats

Many firms and businesses are still recovering amid the coronavirus pandemic due to the impacts it brought that led to a multitude of challenges, primarily operational and financial. As such, they continue to strive to address the needs of their employees and clients. 

While many are still navigating viable courses of action to ensure business continuity, most financial firms worldwide are already moving to digital space and implementing agile operations. 

However, most of these firms have yet to employ effective solutions to retain messages and record voice calls of employees’ communications for compliance purposes. 

Many are still having difficulty as many people use various applications and technological devices to communicate with co-workers and transact business. The use of popular messaging solutions such as WhatsApp is prevalent in multiple workplaces, especially in today’s remote working set-up.

While it is undoubtedly convenient and user-friendly, it does not have a secure messaging service and is uncompliant with data protection regulations. Organizations must address such challenges to ensure a smooth internal investigation. 

TeleMessage can capture mobile content even from social media and WhatsApp chats from company issued-phones of BYOD devices. It has a mobile archiving solution that is useful for supervisory review and implementing excellent eDiscovery capabilities. 

Learn more about Archiving Mobile SMS, Voice Calls, and WhatsApp Calls and Chats for internal investigations from this infographic.