Data Centre Consultancy: 3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade

Working with a data centre construction company is essential when your business requires a personal establishment to store and process valuable data. Although its capabilities are sufficient enough to meet your needs, there comes a time when you should consider contacting a data centre consultancy and inquiring about upgrading your building.

With that being said, here are 3 signs your data centre requires an upgrade.

#1. Power Consumption is Increasing

Electricity isn’t cheap, and a data centre with dozens of server racks will need a significant amount of power to keep them running. Remember that if they stop functioning, the downtime could have a drastic impact on the overall performance of your company. In a worst-case scenario, you are at risk of losing valuable data.

Therefore, if you notice that your power consumption is increasing gradually, you might want to contact your data centre solution provider and talk about new ways to conserve power. Additionally, your cooling system may be no longer effective, requiring you to replace or upgrade it.

#2. Data Centre No Longer Meets Your Demands

As your business grows, the same thing happens to the demands from your data centre. Unfortunately, your data centre doesn’t change to accommodate your growing needs. Without proper attention, you might find your business exceeding the maximum capacity of your server racks, causing a delay to the company.

Therefore, you should consider talking to your data centre builder before your demands exceed their capacity.

#3. Frequent Security Issues

Aside from growing demands, your data centre may experience frequent security issues. Some examples include malfunctioning CCTV cameras, frequent breakdowns, and unauthorised entry from your door access system.

Remember that your data centre contains plenty of valuable data. Some of its contents are sensitive, restricting access to anyone without proper clearance. Therefore, you should ensure that your security equipment remains in good condition.

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