How you can get more engagement on your youtube videos (2022)

Engagement on YouTube is critical to the success of your channel. When you do it well, you’ll develop a genuine connection with your viewers and the rest of the community. They’ll know they can count on you to deliver high-quality material that both informs and excites them, and they’ll show their appreciation by returning and converting.

If you get it incorrectly, your audience will be annoyed and disappointed. You’ll also see any of your YouTube advertisements, which is you want to prevent at all costs because you will not make money!

In addition, the YouTube algorithm does not appear to pay specific consideration to online videos with a large number of views, which goes against standard media strategy. It might account for a user’s session time. As a result, you must entice the visitor to stay longer on your online video and connect with you in the comments.

Doesn’t it seem like a lot to ask of your target audience?

Allow me to assist you in making better use of the media site platform in this post. It can also help you strengthen your social media marketing plan and increase your YouTube engagement rates.

Make sure your video’s theme is suitable for sharing on social media.

Not every method of creating video material is appropriate for social media. Concentrate on one main subject and build your film around it. Top YouTube creators advise that you should summarise your video in one sentence. If you succeed, your audience will have no trouble explaining what makes it great when they share it on social media.

If you want your film to go viral, it must be shareable. Consider why your audience would need to share your video with friends and relatives. Keep this in mind as you design your creative strategy. People watch videos to be entertained, educated, or inspired.

Encourage people to share, like, and comment.

Engagement is a two-way street that depends on the success of both the video and the viewer. We have learnt if nothing else, that everyone has an opinion in the age of social media platforms. Why not let them express themselves through shares, likes, and comments? “If you have found this video useful, feel free to share, like, or comment below,” you might add at the end of the film. It communicates to your audience that their feedback is appreciated and that you are constantly striving to enhance the quality of the material you give. It also gives you the chance to improve your viewership by using social proof. But if you don’t ask, you might not get it.

Make use of the appropriate tools

Work smarter, not harder, as the old saying says. You can upload YouTube videos and analyse your success with tools like Hootsuite’s extensive analytics dashboard, which can save you a lot of time when it comes to figuring out what sort of material your audience prefers. Or if you have money to spend, an alternative could be buying real engagement directly. A service which is truly amazing in that sense is the monthly engagement provided by lenos, which gives real likes, comments and subs on a daily basis.

The YouTube comment moderation tool is another fantastic option for increasing YouTube interaction. It allows you to see all of the comments on your video and, if required, delete them to keep the engagement positive.