The Benefits Of Using Hadoop For Big Data Management

Hadoop is a powerful platform, and many businesses extensively use it to better their business data analytics process. The major benefit of Hadoop is that it is completely inexpensive. When compared with other similar platforms, it has been found cheaper. The cost per terabyte to implement Hadoop is extremely cheaper than other platforms.

So, what is the reason behind the low expense of implementing the Hadoop platform for database handling? The major reason is that Hadoop relies on commodity hardware. Other similar platforms have to be implemented with robust hardware infrastructure. For Hadoop, there is no such requirement. Is data dictionary same as data catalog? Hadoop uses must know the answer to this question.

Easily to Integrate Tools

Various traditional tools can easily integrate with Hadoop. So, compatibility is a big factor here, and thus the platform has become popular. With many data analytics tools, you would find different tools are not compatible. It fetches you excellent compatibility with various tools that are discussed below.

  • Various common and advanced business analytics tools are compatible with Hadoop.
  • Statistical analytics tools are used commonly by the analytics department of a business. Hadoop is compatible with all major statistical analytics tools.
  • The analytics department of a business often uses data integration tools. These tools are compatible with Hadoop.

Perform Complex Analytics with Ease

Hadoop is a platform for advanced business data analytics. It can deal with large size of data. It can deal with different kinds of data, and thus complex data analytics will get easier with the use of Hadoop. This is an advanced platform for reading and analyzing data with perfection.

Storing Data in Different Formats

When it comes to data analytics, different kinds of data are needed to be analyzed and interpreted. This is why analytics platforms should be compatible with different data formats. In most cases, analytics tools show compatibility with a few specific kinds of data. But, Hadoop is different in this regard, as it comes with various data format compatibility.