Interesting Green Activities for the Whole Family

If there is a worthwhile activity that you can introduce to your whole family, that is going green? Before encouraging others to adopt green measures in their way of life, it’s best to start with your families first. Research shows that those who are enthusiastic about protecting the environment get their passion from their family.

The stay at home days brought about by the pandemic is a great way for families to do interesting activities. One of the exciting activities suitable for the whole family is green activities. Here are the eco-friendly activities that you and your family can enjoy.

  1. Go on a Green Adventure

If you and your family love traveling, you can go on a green adventure to enjoy nature. Some of the activities that you can do are hiking, sightseeing, swimming, or having a picnic in the park. A green way is to avoid leaving anything in these places, mostly garbage. To lessen the waste on the trip, utilize reusable containers and utensils to minimize waste.

If you are new to the place, it is best to know what the locals can offer. Support the locals by purchasing products that they produce. In planning for the trip, it is ideal to pack in healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Always practice minimalism in traveling; only bring the things and gears suitable for your trip.

  1. Plant a Garden

If you have kids at home, this is an activity that they will surely enjoy even though their hands will get dirty. Doing a family garden is a perfect way to teach your children about the environment and its importance. Aside from educating the young through gardening, you are also able to utilize the space that you have accordingly by beautifying it. You can apply going green using organic soil with no pesticides or other chemicals during the growth process.

When it comes to the plant that you can grow, you may opt for fruits and vegetables for sustainability. If you don’t have a big garden, this shouldn’t be a problem because there are ways to be resourceful. You can start planting in pots. These pots can be placed in your windows and in some areas of the house where there is sufficient sunlight. After planting, task your kids to water it every day to ensure that it will not die.

  1. Join or Start a Campaign

There are many environmental causes nowadays that need support. A lot of people are preoccupied with different things that are why their responsibilities with the environment are neglected. As a good start, you and your family can even start a campaign in your community. Activities like clean-up drive, recycling campaign, etc. are just some simple ways on how to participate in Earthly deeds. Teach the kids about the negative effects of having a dirty home and the benefits of living in a dirt-free environment.

If you choose the cleaning routine, you may teach the kids about the different cleaning products as well as how it is used. It is ideal to use cleaning products that are organic for safer use. When you use organic cleaning products, you are also helping the environment. Inform the kids that the different cleaning materials are not meant to be played with because they are only for cleaning purposes.


There are many green-related activities that you can involve your whole family and friends. Opt for green activities where your interest is to ensure productivity. These green activities are just simple ways to spend quality time with your family while helping the environment. By being creative, you can come up with a plan that is geared towards sustainability.