Time Blocking as a method to increase Individual Productivity

Studies show that the time taken by anyone to get back to work after being distracted is 23 minutes. This means that a significant portion of a day is wasted in getting back to work after taking a break. It is impossible for anyone to stay productive throughout the day even if computer monitoring is in place. Therefore, an effective method to remain productive is time blocking.

Understanding Time Blocking

Time blocking refers to demarcating time for specific activities. One gets to work in sprints, focussing on one job at a time than on everything simultaneously. Setting clear time targets ensures that one does work productively without any distractions.

Why is Time Blocking Important?

Time blocking allows for efficiently managing one’s workload and will enable individuals to stay on top of their productivity game. Time blocking ensures the one does not forget the tasks for the day and can overview the jobs left.

It is often believed that multitasking is the key to productive work. However, multitasking reduces individual productivity by nearly 40%. On the other hand, time blocking is more effective than multitasking and helps stay focused and productive.

However, one should only demarcate realistic time blocks. For example, it would be unproductive if an individual allocates six hours at a stretch for working. It would be better if the individual gives 2 hours for work followed by a 30-minute break, then another 1.5 hours of work and a 30-minute break.

Time blocking has various types: Task batching, Day theming and Time boxing

Task Batching

It means to do similar types of work simultaneously within a time block instead of spacing it across multiple time blocks. It helps create a complete workflow with greater focus and minimal distractions. Activities that can be combined under task batching include planning, email writing, preparations for presentations, handling social media handles, coding and writing.

Day Theming

It is task batching applied to days of the week instead of hours of a day. It provides a more significant focus on tasks that need greater intervention. Like task batching, day theming also provides continuous workflow. Day theming is primarily applicable for businesses, especially for businessmen and businesswomen who run more than one company that requires their undivided attention.

Time Boxing

Time boxing is often confused with time blocking. Time blocking involves demarcating when a task has to be completed like 11 am to 1 pm. However, time boxing means determining the time within which a job has to be completed, like within four hours. It helps individuals speed up their activities while working efficiently.

It is vital to remember that each individual has a different approach towards productivity and how to achieve it.