Top 10 Online Payment Processing Platforms in Tanzania

If you’re an online retailer, you should be aware of the importance of selecting an online payment gateway that will allow you to take credit cards without jeopardizing the safety of your customers and your own business operations. It is important that this gateway is involved in ensuring that any payments made to you are not subjected to abuse by harmful elements on the internet, in addition to providing you with an effective means of processing your revenue. As a result, you must know top 10 online payment processing platforms in Tanzania.


MoneyMatrix platform seeks to assist in addressing this issue by allowing anybody to quickly and simply grasp their payment choices through an easy user interface. You can have the advantage of new opportunities such as interacting with vendors or making cross-border payments at convenient places by utilizing the Company’s solutions, which are available through online platforms.


Using Flutterwave’s app, Africans may set up a payment network without the requirement for a bank account or any other type of infrastructure on their own. It securely links users with anybody who is willing to accept a transaction, which can be in terms of money, products, or services. It can be used to connect users with anyone in the world. You can think about this when you are analyzing the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Tanzania.


iPay is one of the most rapidly expanding mobile payment applications available today. It enables anybody with a smartphone to pay for items with a high-interest rate credit card in a simple and seamless manner. Credit cards and debit cards, as well as newer chips and magnetic cards, are all supported by the iPay payment processing system. iPay is one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Tanzania.

And starting a credit card processing company demands meticulous planning and execution. Begin by conducting market research and identifying your target audience. Secure funding, acquire the necessary licenses, and invest in robust security measures. By offering competitive rates and exceptional service, you can carve a niche in this competitive industry.


Paystack is an internet payment gateway service that makes it easier for online retailers to accept credit card payments. With Paystack, consumers and merchants around the world can utilize a single interface to take credit card payments on millions of websites and services simultaneously. Regardless of the size or complexity of their business, every merchant taking e-commerce payments globally may benefit from Paystack’s payment gateway solution.


In order to process retail payments at point-of-sale terminals, DPO leverages its global network of retail partners to process payments at point-of-sale terminals. It provides its customers with a more convenient way to make payments while also protecting the interests of its retail partners by providing finance from those transactions rather than leaving it to the payment processing company to figure out how to cover outstanding debts or cover sales taxes on their behalf. DPO is no doubt one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Tanzania.


Hubtel is a mobile money application that allows you to pay for everyday expenditures and make purchases with a single press of a button from your bank or mobile network account. It operates similarly to a conventional cashback site, except that it provides one-time cash advances through your bank account for a fraction of the cost.


Slydepay is a cutting-edge payments tool that allows retailers to take payments with minimum data and with the least amount of work on their side. When you provide a credit card with cash inside, the platform will allow you to make payments straight from your bank account. Are you searching for the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Tanzania? Use Slydepay.


ExpressPay is a seamless integration of smartphone wallets and fraud protection. Using this tool, you can instantly send money to any merchant account you have access to. This tool works by collecting your biometrics upon registration and storing it in a secure database. When you make a purchase, your data is encrypted and sent directly to your merchant’s bank account with no middlemen involved.


This platform was created for merchants of various sizes, including those that manage a single store and service a number of different locations. As a result of increased merchant demand driven by expanding mobile populations as well as increased use of mobile wallets, contactless payments have seen a surge. Think about this as one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Tanzania.


Myghpay is a free online payments platform that enables anybody to make or receive payments for energy bills, school fees, internet bills, entertainment, and other requirements without the need for a physical bank account. Myghpay is proved to be one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Tanzania.